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The Financial Criteria to Obtain a Long-Term Visa in the Czech Republic


Deniz Askinová


May 27, 2022


03:39 PM

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Non-EU nationals applying for a Czech long-term visa are obliged to provide proof of meeting specific financial criteria for their stay in the Czech Republic. What are these criteria and how to calculate the required amount?

The applicants are obliged to prove they hold 15 times the amount of the existential minimum for the first month and double the amount of the existential minimum for every month afterwards. At the moment, the existential minimum is EU 110.61.

How to calculate the exact amount?

A student who is applying for a long-term visa based on studies would need to provide funds as follows: for a school semester which would be calculated from September 1 until February 28, a student would be required to provide funds in the amount of EUR 2765.25. This is calculated as follows: 15 x EUR 110.61 for the first month and 10 x EUR 110.61 for the following 5 months.

In case of family members who are usually applying for the long-term visa for a period of one year, the amount to be proven is EUR 4096.36.

How to present proof for the funds?

The proof of financial means should be provided through a bank account statement proving the balance on the bank account OR saving account. Additionally, foreign nationals must provide the authorities with a valid internationally accepted payment card enabling the foreign national to access his/her funds.

In case of minors, the parents are also obliged to sign a statement of financial support to confirm the children would be financially secured during their stay in the Czech Republic.

So now that you learned about the financial requirements for obtaining a long-term visa to live in the Czech Republic, find out 10 reasons why living in the Czech Republic is attractive, especially for Digital Nomads!

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