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Tips for Finding the Perfect Immigration Advisor



March 19, 2023


04:36 AM

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Getting accurate advice for relocating to a new country can be challenging. You would think the internet makes this search easier, as you can rely on Google to quickly find information you are seeking. And sometimes it does. However, when it comes to getting advice that you will rely on to make a move abroad, it is also proving to be the opposite.

Immigration on the World Wide Web

Simply put, there is an overwhelming amount of information floating around on the internet. Oftentimes you might encounter conflicting sources of information, or information behind locked doors, conditional on you paying fees. Next thing you know, you find yourself heading into a rabbit-hole for getting answers to your specific questions, or financially anchored to head in one direction because you’ve already committed.

Regardless of how you ultimately seek out this information, there is one universal truth about immigration – it is a decision that carries serious weight. It is not like buying a subscription to Netflix, or booking a round-trip flight with a travel insurance policy. It is oftentimes a life-transforming decision that will have impact on your future.

We get it.

Find a Trusted Source

This might seem obvious, yet in practice it is difficult. If you are looking for information about government regulated matters – such as immigration requirements, visa procedures, tax regulations – primary sources are the golden egg.

Unfortunately, for us common folk, this means government managed and operated domains (“.gov”) that publish official information about these important foreign affairs subjects. And while it is easy to say – “go straight to the source” – the truth is that most government websites, especially those in foreign languages, are extremely difficult to navigate. And even if you find what you are looking for, you might have doubts about how to interpret the information that is officially published. Afterall, immigration regulations are anchored in legislation.

At this point, you will likely do one of two things: (a) Continue down the Google search rabbit hole; or (b) find a professional advisor who can answer your questions.

Estonia.webp 🇪🇪 Estonia is notable for having one of the most efficient immigration frameworks in the world

japan.webp 🇯🇵 Japan is not

Find an Independent Source

Let’s be fully transparent. Your inquiries related to immigration and relocation fall within several “industry-sectors”. Travel and Hospitality. Cross-Border Professional Services. Relocation. Citizenship and Investment. And so on…

The point being, if you are looking to move to another country, there is an industry that wants to get your attention. This industry wants to offer you products and services that will help enable that. From white glove moving services to golden visas and villas. We all know what this means: Profit = Private Interest.

But maybe you’re savvier than this, and you find yourself on some Facebook chat forum with other people asking the same questions. A bunch of expats chatting. That seems like an independent source, right? Maybe. Could be. Depends on who is answering.

What about a website that just has all the information I need? Could be. First litmus test – are there advertisements popping up on the screen? If so, they probably have some solid SEO traction – which means putting keywords and phrases ahead of high-quality information with people like you at the heart of it. The worst kind of private vested interest – Vegas style, really.

So what about a law firm website? Probably a solid source, as they are bound to professional ethical standards – every lawyer from Panama City to Chinatown – right? First litmus test – do I need to pay for advice? And is it advice I can trust? Of course they are the best at what they do, it says so on their website. Either way, it is not “independent”.

In a perfect world, you stumble upon a place where you can easily encounter answers to your questions that have the weight of a primary source. Even better, an independent source where you can ask more questions that are addressed and answered by experienced professionals….all in one place. And in this perfect world, you might not even have to pay for this initial advice. Yet because this advice was so valuable, it helps you make a decision for what to do next.

Make Informed Decisions

All considered, there is no shortage of qualified advisors to provide you advice for immigration and relocation matters of importance. In fact, there are many high-quality professionals that you can and should rely on. Yet, just like searching for visa information on the internet, finding the right advisor can be overwhelming. And there are likely a lot of factors that go into this decision: Cost of services, language abilities, location, reviews, and so on.

As mentioned above, the decision to emigrate is usually a serious one. It might involve your family, or shifting of employment. Regardless of the reason, the immigration process typically has several stages. In the 21st century, we believe that it should be easy to get to the heart of your immigration objectives from the very beginning. And whether this means getting high-quality information from a trusted source or advisor…that it can happen in one place.

The truth is that anyone can call themselves “the best”. At we believe that you have a right to a bite of the pizza before paying for the whole pie.

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