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What is the best place for digital nomads to live? Ask Czechia


Deniz Askinová


March 24, 2022


06:07 PM

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Many of the people who choose the life of a digital nomad and who are working remotely try to find the best place and conditions for their nomad life.

The important aspects are included in Global index (which was compiled by where you can freely find the answers to many questions in case you are trying to figure out where to live.

So what are the most important aspects?

Here is a list of the most important requirements effecting the life of nomads:

  • Remote working compliance - legal requirements, remote working visa availability,
  • Cost of living - including taxes and price of housing, acces to housing,etc.,
  • Civic infrastructure - safety and security, political stability, education, healthcare, gender equality,
  • Liveability - happiness score, culture, mobility score.

Prague is in first five on the list of cities meeting the best results of aspects above. Total score of living in Prague is 94,99 points.

It excels in the areas of: cost of housing, acces to housing, minority equality, gender equality, quality of public education, acces to healthcare, happiness and mobility score.

If you're interested in choosing any other cities in the Czech Republic and experience the same height of quality and happiness, Brno is also a great choice. Even New York Times knows it!

Find out what the life of nomad in the Czech Republic is like

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