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Immigration Around the World in 80 Seconds


Virginie Le Baler


July 10, 2024


12:07 PM

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As France endures dark political times and immigration has become THE word with the steepest decline in popularity in recent years, we offer you a (non-exhaustive) tour of immigration developments worldwide. Not only because Oui Immigration manages immigration procedures in France and internationally, but also because we want to stay true to our "positive immigration" motto! The following information concerns corporate immigration – we receive dozens of informations every week. They remain technical and linked to very specific procedures but provide an idea of how the concerned country manages immigration and their openness to international talents.

Asia / Oceania

Overall, Asian countries are opening up to the arrival of foreign talents by facilitating the arrival of people (like China, which has just added Australian, New Zealand, and Polish citizens to the list of visa-exempt nationals for a 15-day tourist/business stay – the same for Japan, which has increased the list of visa-free nationals to 71), digitalizing immigration procedures (again China, which has just improved its site for applying for a work permit online), drastically increasing responses to certain immigration requests (thanks to Malaysia, which since June 4, 2024, gives immediate approval to companies' requests regarding the quota of foreign employees for the coming year) or finding solutions to cover potential shortcomings of the authorities (Indonesia now offers expatriates a 60-day "Bridging Visa," allowing them to stay while their renewal application is processed). Australia announced at the end of May a series of measures facilitating access for Indian students by creating a "National Innovation Visa" and allowing access to the "Work Holiday Visa" for Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian citizens. However, the quota for permanent residence permits has been lowered.

Middle East

There are more documents allowing travel from one Gulf country to another (a unified "tourist visa" called "GCC Grand Tours" should be available by the end of 2024), and some countries are opening up to the idea that foreign companies established on their soil are not 100% locally owned (Kuwait now allows a foreign company to be 100% owned by non-Kuwaitis, compared to 51% previously). Golden Visas and Digital visas are flourishing, and the United Arab Emirates has been offering a "Blue Residency Card" since June 2024, a 10-year residence permit for talents working in environmental conservation. Israel will implement the ETA-IL electronic travel authorization (based on the US ESTA model) on August 1, mandatory for 100 nationalities.


South Africa is currently working on a points system, allowing qualified talents to contribute to the country's economy, as well as simplifying certain procedures. A digital nomad visa should also be introduced soon. Nigeria, on the other hand, has imposed a tax since March 2024 on any company not favoring local recruitment.

Algerian and Moroccan citizens have recently spent 13 and 11 million euros (respectively) in vain to obtain a Schengen visa. On the podium of nationalities with the highest Schengen visa refusals, they are followed by Egyptians, Nigerians, and Tunisians.


The United States has drastically increased visa issuance fees and tightened the processing of applications (the infamous "Requests for Evidence" or requests for additional information are more frequent). US consulates in India received 3,900 Indian citizens on June 13, during the annual Visa Day, showing a willingness to open up to this nation, which has the highest number of foreign students. US immigration evolves very regularly, and the upcoming elections will, of course, impact immigration law.

Canada has been experiencing a backlog for a few months, meaning that immigration processing times are (very) long. Overall, there is a slight retreat, whether in authorized quotas, increased government fees, or minimum financial resources required. As of July 1, 2024, it is no longer possible to obtain a Post Graduation Work Permit directly at the border.

Nothing revolutionary in terms of corporate immigration regarding Latin American countries, which now almost all offer more digitalized immigration processes.


Protection measures for Ukrainian refugees have been renewed until March 4, 2026, the Schengen Area has increased visa fees, and the Council of the European Union approved a reform in May 2024 aimed at "making the Schengen Area more resilient to current and future crises at its external borders." Countries are transcribing European immigration measures into their national laws (such as the famous European Blue Card), and the much-anticipated electronic travel authorization is expected by the end of 2024.

Denmark announced it will ease its requirements from July 1, as will the Czech Republic, which no longer imposes a labor market test on ten new nationalities. Italy is providing more concrete information on its digital visa launched in the spring, and Portugal announced a series of measures to enhance the country's attractiveness to international talents.

And in France?

In France, the 2024 immigration law has been the subject of much debate, but we are still waiting for concrete applications of many of its decrees. ANEF, the site allowing foreigners to manage their immigration online, is gradually expanding its catalog of procedures that can be handled online.

Global Immigration Expert, Virgine Le Baler, has been in the global mobility industry for 13 years. Virginie created Oui Immigration to provide an expert yet human management of immigration, globally.

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