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Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, or Czechia, the cost of beer is less than water—so it’s no wonder this nation of around 11 million ranks as the highest consumer of beer per capita in the world. This is sure to bring a welcomed feeling of relaxation after a long relocation journey—you can even enjoy a beer spa (you read that correctly) to take the edge off after a redeye!

Prague, the nation’s capital, is a notably famous location for tourists and with good reason. When we hear about Prague, it’s like a nod to a country unto itself — similar to the likes of London, New York, Shanghai, or Paris. One of Prague’s main draws is, of course, the architecturally stunning landscape, comprising the gorgeous (and haunted?) Charles Bridge, as well as the Prague Astronomical Clock — which is not just any clock. Its unique mechanisms display the state of our universe in real time — from the position of the sun and moon, to zodiac readings, to the timing of sunrises and sunsets. It’s an engineering feat worthy of admiration and awe.

In terms of a savory culinary fix, think meat (knuckled pork), pickled everything, and again, beer. In terms of satiating that sweet tooth, take a bite out of some strudel or trdelnik (dough wrapped around a metal stick then cooked and topped with sugar). There’s also a surprising amount of Vietnamese noodle options available due to a working scheme between Vietnam and the former Czechoslovakia right after the fall of the Soviet Union. Most Vietnamese decided to stay in the country rather than return home.

Albeit, there is more to Czechia than Prague and sausage. Home to over 10 UNESCO heritage sites, there is no shortage of experiences waiting for you. The Czech Republic is about 34% forest, which means there are ample places for hiking and observation — from the Pravčická Archway to rock castles in Bohemian Paradise, you’ll clock 10,000 steps a day without notice.

All told, the Czech Republic is a welcoming and matter-of-fact, safe, and beautiful EU nation with much to offer in terms of a stable and secure life environment.

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