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Ambassador Spotlight: Mildred Pallares




April 15, 2022


07:57 AM

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Relocate is on a mission to connect you with leading migration practitioners in top-destinations around the world. Take a moment and learn more about those pioneering the way for global mobility today.

This week the spotlight is on....

  • Ambassador: Mildred Pallares
  • Profession: Immigration Lawyer
  • Location(s): Mexico, France, USA

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Relocate Community: How many years have you been working with international clients?

Mildred: Eight-years.

Relocate Community: What would you say are your core focus areas of practice?

Mildred: I offer legal services for foreigns who want to invest, move, retire, work and immigrate in Mexico.

Relocate Community: What inspires you about being an international practitioner?

Mildred: Clients who know what they want and pay for good service. Also, they are respectful and kind.

Relocate Community: Tell us some exciting things that are happening now in Mexico.

Mildred: Most of my clients work remotely, this means that they can legally live in Mexico and receive their income from their country of origin.

Relocate Community: What are some reasons people are looking to relocate to Mexico?

Mildred: Those working remotely benefit from having a better quality of life in Mexico where the cost of living in cheaper. Weather, food and culture are important factors for many people.

Relocate Community: What makes now a good time to relocate to Mexico?

Mildred: In Mexico there are no restrictions regarding the pandemic. Clients can work remotely and not pay taxes in Mexico, only in the country of origin.

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