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A colorful tapestry of history, art, food–and opportunity, Mexico straddles future possibilities while grounded to millennia-old civilizations. With modern day amenities, and a healthy work-life balance, you can easily get lost in everything Mexico: From tree-lined cafés in the most active city in the world, to the endless Pueblos and coastlines that embody this resilient country and people.

The inimitable Mexico—this leading Spanish-speaking country and home to the largest pyramids on earth (yes, grander than those in Egypt in both volume and size) lives and breathes through a complex mosaic comprising modern culture and ancient heritage.

Here, you’ll find revival and reprieve. Mexico offers a bouquet of outdoor activities—from zip-lining tours on the Pacific Coast to exploring the sun and moon pyramids of the Yucatán Peninsula to the East—you’ll need to tuck into an afternoon siesta to steady yourself for a night out amidst Mexico’s convivial street life.

Birthplace to gifted artists like Frida Kahlo and Maná, it comes as no surprise how much there is to appreciate aesthetically. Whether fingering through textiles for sale on the corner, appreciating the colorful graffiti peppering cozy side-streets, or simply rocking happily to random mariachi musicians popping up while you enjoy un café outdoors, the country is teeming with vibrance—it’s alive.

This special Latin American hub is uniquely positioned geographically and politically to welcome investment and immigrants alike. On par with modern amenities you’ll find in Amsterdam, LA, or London, the same goes for major cities in Mexico. Pack your sunblock, your hiking boots, and a laptop and you’ll be ready to set up shop, work from home, or cash in on that retirement plan. ¡Viva la Mexico!


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