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How To Find A Job In Costa Rica

How to Find a Job in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long attracted foreigners, not only as a tourism destination but also as a place to work, live and settle down. The country is home to nearly half a million foreign residents.

It is no surprise that people are flocking to Costa Rica. The Central American country is relatively safe, politically stable and known for its beautiful scenery with lush rainforests, tropical beaches and breathtaking mountains.

Do you want to find a job that will allow you to stay in Costa Rica for an extended period of time and explore the country fully? Let's dig deeper into the information you need, covering everything from job types available to foreigners, visa and immigration law basics, and general considerations for job-hunting in Costa Rica.

Considerations for Foreign Job Seekers in Costa Rica

Before you start scouting job opportunities in Costa Rica, familiarize yourself with some essential information, like local work options and general visa requirements.

Spanish is the official and predominantly used language in Costa Rica. Spanish language fluency can be advantageous in helping you secure a job — plus, it will simplify your day-to-day life in the country. Consider getting proof of official Spanish language proficiency, for example, by taking a test like the DELE.

Resources for Finding a Job in Costa Rica

If you have reviewed the above considerations and decided you want to try to secure Costa Rican employment, the below resources can help.

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Opcionempleo is the Spanish-language version of You can search both part-time and full-time jobs in Costa Rica, narrowing your search based on details like city (if you have a distinct location target in mind). You can also set job alerts.


CompuTrabajo is another Spanish-language job search engine that allows you to target your Costa Rica job search based on job title, location and similar details. You can also post your C.V. on the website and potentially let employers find you.

ESL Job Sites

If you are interested in teaching English as a Second Language, you might consider looking at English teaching job sites. Options include ESL Employment, Total ESL, TESall and Transitions Abroad, which has a comprehensive Latin America database.

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Costa Rica Job Application Guidelines

Some simple best practices can improve your odds of landing your dream job in Costa Rica. Follow these tips to get started.

Know Your Visa Requirements

Before jumping into the job market, decide what approach makes the most sense for you in terms of obtaining a visa. If you have family in Costa Rica who can sponsor you for a residence visa, including work permission, for example, this might be easier than trying to get a company to sponsor you. Whatever visa option you choose, consult with a licensed Immigration Lawyer and make sure you have the necessary paperwork ready to go (passport photos, proof of yellow fever vaccination, etc.).

Consider Location Needs

Since Costa Rica can be a tough market for foreign applicants, consider how open you are to living in diverse locations within the country. While you may have your heart set on working in a small beach town, for example, you may have more opportunities in a larger city like San José. The more flexible you are in terms of your home base, the more opportunities you open yourself up to.

Learn the Basics of Costa Rican Business Customs

Familiarizing yourself with local customs can make the business application process — such as interviewing — less stressful. Costa Rica has largely adopted traditional Western business etiquette.

Wear business formal attire, start and leave with a handshake, and make sure to address the person formally with their last name. If you are interviewing remotely, and even if you're looking for a job where you don't wear shoes, make sure to still dress for the part.

Tailor Your Resume to Costa Rica’s Job Market

As you write your cover letter and resume, take your target location into account. For example, if you are bilingual in Spanish and English, make sure to mention this in your documents. You may also consider submitting your documentation in Spanish if you are applying to Spanish-language jobs.

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