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December 22, 2022


10:54 AM

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🏄 If you have ever visited or seen photographs of Costa Rica, you already know that this Central American country boasts lush rainforests, towering mountain ranges, active volcanoes and 780 miles of coastline. Add in the country’s temperate year-round climate, and it is no wonder that many (especially North Americans) consider Costa Rica an ideal place to relocate.

Interested in moving to Costa Rica? Learn more about your immigration options through our featured Relocate Ambassador, Daniela Diaz.

Relocate to Costa Rica

People from around the world move to Costa Rica their home for a variety of reasons: to retire, to remote work, to travel through as a backpacker or digital nomad, and to learn Spanish or simply to experience another vibrant and diverse culture. While there are many reasons people make the move to an overseas location, Costa Rica is the choice of people attracted to:

  • Costa Rica’s culture of “pura vida”
  • A lower cost of living
  • High-quality, affordable health care

In addition, Costa Rica is a great choice for remote workers and digital nomads seeking:

  • Safety and political stability
  • Good internet and cellphone connectivity
  • Geographical diversity and climate

Meet Daniela

Daniela Diaz Polo, is an english-qualified solicitor with more than 10 years of experience advising clients in corporate and immigration law. Daniela works at ERP Lawyers, a leading Costa Rican immigration law firm with extensive experience representing foreign nationals.

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Practicing Immigration Law in Costa Rica

Relocate: What kind of services do you provide as a Costa Rican Immigration lawyer?

Daniela: For more than ten years we have been providing a wide range of immigration Services to our clients. During that time we have even seen many of them turning into citizens, which really make us proud, because we did not only assist them achieving their residency but we also helped them becoming established in a place they fell in love so much that they even took the opportunity to apply for citizenship!

Relocate: Where do you provide these services and who are your typical clients?

Daniela: Our law firm, ERP provides a wide-range of Legal Services throughout Costa Rica with a specific focus on Immigration Law and Relocation matters. We work with individuals and their families as well as with corporations that relocate employees to Costa Rica.

costa rica remote.webp Costa Rica is rapidly emerging as the top-destination to live and work remotely in Central America.

Relocate: What is one of the most important visa categories for living and working in Costa Rica?

Daniela: The Digital Nomad Visa for Costa Rica.

Relocate: Is the Costa Rican digital nomad visa the same as the Rentista visa?

Daniela: No they are different. The Digital Nomads Visa has very straight forward requirements and the decision is ready in less than 1 month, contrary to other residency categories (Investor, Rentist, Pension, etc.) which has much more formal requirements and take longer to be studied and resolved.

Relocate: Who is eligible for the digital nomad visa?

Daniela: Right now anyone that has made a minimum monthly average of US $3,000.00 or $4,000.00 when traveling with the family, for the last 12 months is eligible. Everything is filed online and normally none of the requirements will need to be apostilled.

Relocate: What are your top-three reasons to relocate to Costa Rica?

Daniela: (1) Your income will not be taxed in Costa Rica during all your stay as a Digital Nomad; (2) For US and Canadian citizens time zone will not be a great issue, as the difference is minimum depending on the time of the year; and (3) Great weather all year long and excellent infrastructure to carry out your tasks from here without technical issues.

Relocate: What inspires you about practicing immigration law?

Daniela: Giving our clients the opportunity to live in a place that I love and respect, and that I know they will be actively caring for it as well during their time in Costa Rica.

Get Support Relocating to Costa Rica

Overall, navigating through the Costa Rican immigration system requires considerable planning and guidance. As a non-native speaker, you might navigating the Costa Rica regulatory environment complex and overwhelming. Yet, don't let this discourage you! Costa Rica, like many of its neighboring Central American countries, provide a warm welcoming for those courageous enough to make the move and have a great deal of respect for foreigners.

Find support in your journey through Relocate. Dig-deeper into important topics for immigrating to Costa Rica, and connect with qualified Advisors who can confidently address your immigration needs. Connecting with a bi-lingual and qualified lawyer is generally a good idea to ease the transition into this emerging destination in Central America.

Get started with a full consultation for your relocation options to Costa Rica 👉 Meet with Daniela

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