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General Information About Brazil

Diverse and colorful culture combined with complex landscapes, Brazil is an ever-popular destination for travel and relocation. Sprawled across 8.5 million km² and boasting a population of 213 million occupants, it is the world’s 5th largest country in size as well as population. Brazil is defined as the territorial head honcho of South America, enclosing almost half of the land within its borders. Like the continental United States, Brazil crosses four time zones. Home to the world’s most extensive virgin rainforest and over 7,000 miles of coastline, from cityscapes to sparkling Iguaçu Falls, colonial towns to Sugarloaf Mountain, the Amazon to Bahia, there is no shortage of sights to see.

Brazil lies in the Southern Hemisphere, so seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere and summer months range from December to March while winter extends from June to August. Climates vary based on area, from tropical to subtropical and a pocket of arid with a minimum average temperature of 21°C and the average maximum of 27°C. Rio de Janeiro in the southeast experiences periods of heavy rainfall during winter. Overall, Brazil offers year-round sunshine, though visitors tend to prefer the winter season and simply plan around the predictable afternoon rainfall.

The immigration system for Brazil is relatively transparent and navigable if you know what you're looking for. Brazilian authorities are increasingly known to follow the law and public offices are generally welcoming to non-locals, dutifully prospective residents with their processes and questions. Services paid for are services rendered and it is useful to do adequate research and solicit guidance for your immigration process as needed.

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are top destinations for relocation, business, investment and retirement. Rich in both human and natural resources, with an enviable cultural heritage - Brazil pulsates with architecture, art, literature and music. A former Portuguese colony, Brazil declared its independence in 1822 and has forged forward since, paying homage to Europe yet maintaining its own distinct identity.

Brazilian Cities

Below we have compiled a quick overview of some of Brazil’s most popular cities for relocation. 

São Paulo was founded in 1554 as a Portuguese mission, and the city is now home to almost 20 million people, referred to as paulistas. The paulista lifestyle is characterized by the highs and lows of living in a massive metropolis: a high quality of life, excellent shopping, dining and entertainment at your fingertips, plus advancing business opportunities. Whereas, drawbacks include pollution, heavy traffic, high crime rates, and income inequality resulting in extreme poverty. Some areas are more desirable than others in terms of safety, so do your research and consult locals on how to best maintain personal safety and security in the city.

Futebol (soccer) is the most popular sport in São Paulo; consequently, the city hosts numerous amateur clubs and three first-league soccer teams – Corinthians, Palmeiras, and São Paulo FC. Churrasco is an ever-popular Brazilian grill for family and friends, and most houses in São Paulo are equipped with a churrasqueira, or barbeque area. Many São Paulo families spend weekends at apartments on the beach or in the nearby mountains. On evenings prior to long weekends endless lines of cars stream out of the city towards leisure destinations. 


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Brazilian street-art has been attracting attention for decades

Moving to Brazil Overview 

Brazil is part of the BRIC nations – with Russia, India, and China. These wealthy, emerging economies are rising and may soon become new global powers. Brazil’s large population and natural resources, including gold, uranium, petroleum, and hydropower, make it a clear frontrunner for global success. It’s still on its way, but the Brazilian drive to become a superpower is important if you are looking to start a business or move your company to Brazil.  

Shipping is the most efficient, least expensive way to safely bring belongings to Brazil. Many excellent shipping companies can help you manage this aspect of your move. The World Bank calculates that air freight is 12-16 times more expensive than sea cargo, making it a less attractive option.  

Brazilian weather exceeds expectations. Brasília, the capital and administrative center of Brazil, basks in 2,400 hours (about 3 and a half months) of sunshine every year. We hope you like feeling warm and tanned, because you are about to get a lot more sunshine. Even better, soak it up on one of Brazil’s 2,095 stunning beaches.  

Coffee is life. Brazilians and their economy run on coffee, exporting a quarter of the world’s coffee supply, or 5.7 billion pounds of coffee annually. Brazilians are deep coffee devotees - never refuse a cafezinho (small coffee) when a guest in someone’s home. 

Compared to prices in other markets, the affordability of Brazilian real estate may come as a surprise. Your budget will take you farther than it would in Europe or North America. All markets, even desirable housing markets with top addresses in Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro are open to foreign purchases and investments. You do not necessarily need a broker, but you should be informed about what you want and your budget. Many foreign nationals retain legal counsel to assist them with real estate purchases.  

Prior to purchasing a property, you must obtain a CPF (equivalent to a U.S. social security number) and be in good standing. You also need a representative on the ground who is also in good standing with the Receita Federal, or Brazilian IRS, and the "letter of sale" must be signed prior to starting the process.  


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