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Global Tax Consulting for the United Kingdom


Emma McDermott


March 20, 2023


01:56 PM

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As an expat (inbound or outbound), you may wish to reduce your exposure to UK taxation and at the same time, ensure that you remain compliant with your UK tax obligations for the period that you are living in or outside the UK.

Are you moving to the UK? Are you leaving the UK? Have you considered your UK tax position?

Generally, it is best practice to organise your tax affairs in good time, to avoid any unnecessary complexities, in the present, future or when you return the UK.

How can we help with Global Tax Planning? Let's start with some basics:

Are you tax resident?

Your resident status will determine the UK’s right to tax your income. Global Tax Consulting can assess your travel pattern and personal circumstances in line with the Statutory Resident Test to determine your resident status in the UK.

How much UK tax will you pay?

The amount of tax that you will pay depends on your resident status, the type of income, the availability of tax allowances to offset against the income and whether there is any relief under a double taxation agreement. Global Tax Consulting can confirm the tax treatment of your income and can complete an estimated tax calculation to help you manage your cash flow.

How can you achieve tax efficiency?

There are a number of onshore and offshore tax planning opportunities that can be explored with the goal of reducing your UK tax bill. Global Tax Consulting can create a UK tax strategy to help you reduce your exposure to UK taxation.

Do you need to file UK tax returns?

There are a number of reasons why you may have an obligation to file a UK tax return such as if you are in receipt of UK rental income, if you file on the remittance basis or if you want to re-claim tax. Global Tax Consulting can assess whether you have a requirement to file a UK tax return and if you do, we can prepare and submit the tax return to HMRC on your behalf.

What happens next?

Start your journey with Global Tax Consulting today.

Arrange a free tax consultation to discuss your UK tax affairs 👉 moving to the UK OR leaving the UK.

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