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Costa Rica: New Regulations for Digital Nomads


Eugenia Víquez Rodríguez


October 28, 2022


07:23 AM

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Costa Rica has always been a hot-spot destination for expats. Retirees enjoy the pace of life and high-quality of living, and the recent introduction of the digital nomad visa now provides a new immigration pathway for younger professionals, remote workers and thrill seekers alike.

The Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa

A Digital Nomad is a person who works or offers his services remotely. In recent years this definition is increasingly used by people who want to have the option to learn about different cultures while continuing to work from their computers. This category of remote workers became more attractive after the year 2020 due to border-closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. After this period it became evident that Costa Rica needed to make migratory processes more flexible for non-resident foreigners, where they would be granted legal status, without having the obligations of a temporary or permanent resident in Costa Rica.

Who Can Apply for a Digital Nomad visa in Costa Rica?

To be eligible for the Costa Rica digital nomad visa you must meet the minimum income requirements. Income requirements for the Costa Rica digital nomad visa depend on the number of applicants.

  • Individual Applicant: must demonstrate $3,000 USD of monthly income
  • Individual + Family: must demonstrate $4,000 USD of monthly income

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How do you demonstrate the income requirements for the Digital Nomad visa in Costa Rica?

Several important items are required to prove the minimum income requirements for the Costa Rica digital nomad visa. This includes a bank statement and affidavit demonstrating the last 12-months of consistent income. These documents must be certified by a public accountant or contain an apostille if coming from abroad.

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How do I apply for the Costa Rica digital nomad visa?

The Costa Rica digital nomad visa can be submitted through two main channels: (1) In-person at the DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE MIGRACIÓN Y EXTRANJERÍA; or (2) online through the TRÁMITE YA digital platform.

Main Requirements for the Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa

A list of the most important items for the Costa Rica digital nomad visa include:

• Fee of $100.00 per application • Copy of Passport Bio Page and last stamp of entry into the country • Document providing the link with your family (apostilled) • Signature of the informed consent document. • Valid Medical Insurance policy

Relocate to Costa Rica as a Digital Nomad

Learn more about your immigration and relocation options for Costa Rica and schedule a consultation with Eugenia today!

Eugenia is an Associate Attorney and Partner of GLC Abogados. As an immigration lawyer, Eugenia has successful experience working with both businesses and individuals for cross-border matters in Costa Rica.

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