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Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa Requirements


Daniela Diaz Polo


July 13, 2022


07:24 AM

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President Rodrigo Chaves has signed the long anticipated "Law to Attract Workers and Remote Providers of Services of An International Character", commonly known as the "Law of Digital Nomads". After the official publication of this regulation in the Gazette La Gaceta, the law will finally take full effect, and the filing of applications can begin. We have outlined below the procedures and regulations for submitting a digital nomad visa application in Costa Rica.


Those who wish to apply for a digital nomad visa in Costa Rica must submit the following:

  1. Application: This is the form needed to submit a petition
  2. Payment: $100 USD payable to the Government Authorities
  3. Passport: The biographic page (1st page) of your passport AND a copy of the page where an entry-stamp is recorded
  4. Bank Statements: You must demonstrate proof of your financial status and ability to earn $3,000 USD per month for the previous 12-months. NOTE: If you are applying with dependents (i.e. children/spouse) you must demonstrate income of at least $4,000 USD per month.
  5. Affidavit: A sworn and certified document demonstrating authenticity of your submission
  6. Person Documents: You will also need to submit a marriage certificate (i.e. or de facto union) and a birth-certificate


  1. Complete the filing process;
  2. Submission of application along with all the requirements (see above)
  3. Costa Rica migration authorities will have 15-calendar days to adjudicate the application and render a decision
  4. Upon approval, you must remit the necessary filing-fees and provide proof of an insurance policy (this must be an international policy that covers all dependents) for a minimum amount of $50,000 USD that is valid throughout the duration of your stay.


Can I renew the digital nomad visa?

Yes. Your visa will be granted for one year and is renewable within this period. To extend your visa you must have remained in Costa Rica for a minimum of 180 days.

What are the benefits of a Costa Rica Digital Nomad visa?

  • Income Tax Benefits: Visa-holders will be exempt from the local Costa Rica income tax scheme. Beneficiaries will not be considered "habitual residents" of Costa Rica for tax purposes nor will the income that you receive from abroad be considered taxable and from Costa Rican sources.
  • Importing Goods: Visa holders will not have to pay any additional import taxes on equipment that you bring to Costa Rica that is necessary to carry out tasks related to your services (i.e. personal laptop, telecommunications, computers)
  • Establish a Bank Account: Visa-holders will be permitted to open a bank account in Costa Rica

Overall, at ERP Lawyers & Associates, we are very excited about the introduction of the Digital Nomad visa. There are numerous benefits to this visa pathway for digital nomads and remote workers. It is a perfect solution for those who are planning to emigrate to Costa Rica and carry out their work remotely.

Daniela Diaz Polo is a qualified immigration lawyer that provides a range of cross-border services for foreign nationals seeking to live and work in Costa Rica.

For more information about immigrating to Costa Rica on the Digital Nomad/Remote Work Visa or any other visa category

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