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Wine Lovers Should Consider this Mexico Destination


Jose Samuel Lugo


February 14, 2022


04:45 AM

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Are you an oenophile looking for a destination filled with wineries to relocate to? Enjoy fine wine and relax while you gaze at beautiful hills, sea, and wine country -- nothing beats the Baja experience.

For many wine connoisseurs, still little is known about Mexican wines, however, Mexican wines have been showing up on the charts as some of the best in the world, competing with France, the USA, and countries like Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, and Chile.

Wineries in Mexico

As an example, while competing with thousands of world-renowned brands, 39 Mexican wineries received medals of distinction awarded at the Concourse Mondial held in Bruxelles in 2016, distinguishing Mexico among the 10 top wine quality producers in the World. Overall 25 Silver, 12 Gold, and 2 Grand Gold Medals were awarded to Mexico, most of them coming from Baja California, the heart of the country’s wine production, where nearly 70% of the wine is produced. Famous wines in the region include your choice of award-winning: Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Petit Verdot, Riojana, Merlot, Petit Syrah, and Malbec.

Many of these wineries have integrated restaurants and hospitality facilities for their guests, not only facilitating the enjoyment of fine wines and scenery, but also providing a complete atmosphere that includes world-class dining and accommodations. Other than being acknowledged for top-quality wine production, Baja California's wine country better known as the Guadalupe Valley has also positioned itself as one of the top luxury tourism destinations in Mexico, its beautiful natural settings, proximity to the ocean, marvelous Mediterranean weather, fresh quality produce, infrastructure and amazing culinary talents make it a bucket list top choice for leisure and in many cases an investment and relocation choice.

There are over 30 renowned wineries and nearly the same number of restaurants paired with exclusive hotels, cabins, and a great list of options for bed and breakfast. Valle de Guadalupe offers an ideal vacation spot for international tourism, the fact that Valle de Guadalupe is just a one hour drive from Tijuana City the Business Capital of Baja California sitting just across from San Diego California, and a 25-minute drive to the port of Ensenada makes it an amazing location to explore, you may want to go fishing just before spending the night in Guadalupe Valley to experience the unique Baja-Med cuisine which was born in Baja and attracts the global luxury tourism community, you might also want to visit casinos, play some golf or even do some business either in Tijuana or near the “Pacific Pearl” port city of Ensenada, all within less than an hour drive from San Diego.

Harvest Festival

Every year Baja holds one of the most important touristic attraction events with its main allure being the wine and dine experience at Valle de Guadalupe "Fiestas de la Vend Imia" (Harvest Festival), it happens every year by the end of July, over three weeks packed with unforgettable experiences including exquisite musical concerts, food, and wine tasting, and more traditional cultural events ancient winemaking rituals and celebrations, one might also enjoy water sports, hiking, horseback riding, dancing, and signature dinners hosted by celebrity chefs, you name it, Baja has got it all. A fine time for the whole family to enjoy, or an unforgettable journey with friends or business partners, you can't miss out on this truly amazing experience, who knows, you might even want to live here.

Transit to Baja

So how do I get there, you might ask? Very easy, Tijuana has an international airport with flights coming in from most top cities and only a 20 min drive across the border San Diego International Airports connects to most major cities in the USA and Canada. From North America fly to San Diego and drive-thru the border into Mexico then take a smooth 30 min drive to Valle de Guadalupe. We can also provide you with a shuttle or driver to pick you up and take you to your destination hassle-free. Contact us, we’ll be glad to help.

Discover More About Mexico

Samuel Lugo, Director of Relocare-Mexico, has lived and traveled in several regions of Mexico and internationally, and has gained nearly 20 years of experience, helping foreign businesses and families establish in the country he loves deeply. Connect with Samuel to discuss the ins and outs of your relocation to Mexico.

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