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Ambassador Spotlight: Alicia Marie Salhi




March 25, 2022


06:07 AM

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This week the spotlight is on....

  • Ambassador: Alicia Marie Salhi
  • Profession: Immigration Lawyer
  • Location(s): Mexico, France, USA

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Relocate Community: How many years have you been working with international clients?

Alicia: Four-years.

Relocate Community: What would you say are your core focus areas of practice?

Alicia: I have an unusual practice. I studied in France but worked in Canada and then in the United States. I learned immigration law from scratch without going to law school in the United States. Now, my core services are U.S. family based immigration, EB-2 NIW, O-1 visas and asylum cases. I also work on Mexican asylum cases and have a partnership with a Mexican immigration lawyer. Regarding France, I assist French nationals and foreigners with the French embassy in Mexico.

Relocate Community: So you are multilingual?

Alicia: Yes – French, English and Spanish!

Relocate Community: What inspires you about being an international practitioner?

Alicia: Being able to work in different languages and with people from all over the world. My parents are Portuguese and Algerian and I was born in France. I have always felt like a foreigner in my own country, but now I realize that it is a privilege. Being immersed in three different cultures has definitely opened my mind and sparked interest to have an international practice. I live in Mexico and meet people from all over the world all the time. I also enjoy creating partnerships with other practitioners and really love acting as a liaison officer between a potential client and a practitioner by translating!

Relocate Community: So right now you live and work in Mexico?

Alicia: Yes.

Relocate: How is it?

Alicia: The work-life balance in Mexico is great. You can escape the city on weekends – there is no shortage of opportunities. It is also an ideal place for remote working.

Relocate: What would you say to those considering Mexico as a destination for remote work?

Alicia: Although Mexico is not my home country I would say enjoy the fact that you can work remotely in Mexico, it is a great opportunity for digital nomads. Sun, tacos, beach…. If you decide to stay in Mexico City, there are several coworking facilities throughout the city with great wifi.

Relocate: And the work/life balance in Mexico?

Alicia: Overall, life is cheaper (i.e. rent and food). As for the work/life balance, don't get me wrong, Mexicans work a lot, oftentimes more than 8 hours a day. Although, if you are a foreigner and work remotely you won't necessarily be connected to the Mexican work environment and will be able to travel during the weekends and enjoy having dinner on a lovely terrace.

Relocate: And what about getting a visa for Mexico?

Alicia: It depends on your duration of stay and what your immigration goals are. In fact, Mexican immigration authorities have issued less than 20 days of stay for those just passing through! I would recommend obtaining a visa and temporary residency if you plan on staying more time to enjoy the beautiful culture and landscapes of Mexico. I’ve written more extensively about this in my about living as a Digital Nomad in Mexico.

Alicia Marie Salhi, is a cross border Immigration Lawyer. Admitted to the Paris Bar, though her immigration law experience widely covers the U.S., Mexico and France. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish. She also actively helps civil society organizations protecting human rights.


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