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Digital Nomads Visa to Italy


Nicolò Bolla


March 22, 2022


08:57 AM

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Is Italy introducing a Digital Nomads Visa? The answer is Yes and we couldn't be more excited about this news. Italy is not the first EU country to allow Digital Nomads from non EU to secure a VISA to enter the country. Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, and Czech Republic are ahead of Italy. However Italy program sounds very promising as it has little to no limitations, and the procedure to apply looks very smooth.

NOTE: As of February 2024, Italy has officially announced the Digital Nomad Visa requirements, and it is anticipated that Consular processing will soon begin.

The Italian parliament is converting the government decree n. 4/2022 (Decreto Sostegni Ter), introducing various tax breaks, and confirming other law amendments made by the government to tackle the covid pandemic as well as its economic consequence. The draft law 2505 introduces a digital nomads VISA at art. 6-quinquies.

Let's take a look at this article more closely. It adds another letter to the art. 27 of the Italian immigration code allowing

“q-bis) nomadi digitali e lavoratori da remoto, non appartenenti all'Unione europea”;

Who Qualifies

First of all, this program aims to attract two categories of workers:

  1. Digital nomads
  2. Remote workers

This may sound redundant, however you can claim an Italian Digital Nomad visa if you are a freelancer or you work remotely for a foreign company; this, without creating any taxable presence for your foreign employer. Learn more about living and working remotely in Italy.

At the moment Italy already have a self employment, however it has multiple exceptions and caveats, and it is only available to certain professions (accountants, lawyers, doctors etc.).

Visa Process

The visa process is not clear yet, as it will be defined by the ministers cabinets within 30 days from the law approval.

The Italian Digital Nomads visa requirements appear quite easy to meet, you must:

  1. Currently run a freelance business
  2. Have a qualifying health coverage

You don’t need any Nulla Osta from the Italian authorities, and the whole procedure can be done at the foreign Italian consulate with no need of any clearance certificate from any Italian authorities (tax office, Chamber of Commerce, Labor department etc.).

Taxes for Digital Nomads in Italy

Now that hard immigration is no longer an excuse given the brand new Italian Digital Nomads VISA, taxes are the main obstacle for Digital Nomads to move to Italy. This couldn’t be more wrong!

As a new comer of Italy you can basically pick between two very attractive regimes:

  1. Regime Forfettario;
  2. New residents regime.

The Regime Forfettario allows you to pay a flat 5% tax on your earnings, while the new residents regime allows for a reduction of your taxable income between 70% and 90%! If you are a new resident in Sicily and you make € 100,000 in taxes you won’t pay a single € in taxes.

Learn More About Paying Taxes as a Digital Nomad in Italy

Accounting Bolla is a boutique Italian tax firm equipped with experienced accountants assisting corporations, individual and expats with their tax affairs. Specialized in international tax areas for expats and companies wishing to establish in Italy.

Reach out to Nicolò and request a consultation to discuss the home buying process in Italy and the financial incentives in making such investment.

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