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Italy Digital Nomad Visa Requirements


David Cantor


March 06, 2024


01:21 PM

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Update (April 12, 2024): As of April 2024, Italy has opened the gates for remote workers and digital nomads. Italy is now accepting applications for the digital nomad visa.

Older News: On February 28, 2024 the Italian parliament brought the Italy digital nomad visa back on the agenda. The digital nomad visa, also known as nomadi digitali, was actually introduced in 2022, but still remains a decree and has not yet been enacted into law. “Sul ritardo nell'emanazione del decreto ministeriale in materia di rilascio del permesso di soggiorno ai nomadi digitali.”

Italy Digital Nomad Visa Updates

It was over two-years ago that Italy issued a “decree” outlining the requirements for obtaining an digital nomad and remote work visa for Italy. This decree was never put into effect, and at the time of this writing, is not formally available for foreign nationals.

However, as mentioned above, the Italian parliament has brought this decree back to the attention of Italian authorities, and it is anticipated that the digital nomad visa will be available sometime in 2024. While there is still uncertainty surrounding the "timeline" for releasing this visa, it is worth mentioning that the Italian government simply did not forget about this mandate to make Italy more friendly for remote workers and digital nomads.

Italy Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

The digital nomad visa requirements for Italy are similar to remote work visas in other countries. The requirements were originally outlined in the decree and are summarized below.

What are the requirements for the digital nomad visa (i.e. nomadi digitali) in Italy?

  • Fully Remote. You must be a foreign national who performs skilled work through the use of “telecommunication technology” that enables you to work remotely;
  • Foreign Company. You must perform this remote work for a foreign entity (i.e. non-Italian company).
  • Annual Income Requirement. Your must demonstrate annual income of approximately €28,000 Euros (~$30,500 USD)
  • Health Insurance. Proof of healthcare coverage for medical care and hospitalization.
  • Accommodations. Proof of accommodations in Italy.

Duration of the Digital Nomad Visa in Italy

You can obtain a digital nomad visa in Italy for a total of one-year. There will also be a “fast-track” option that can expedite the visa process to avoid lengthy consular processing delays.

How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Italy

You will be able to apply for a digital nomad visa directly with the respective Italian Consulate or Embassy. While some countries offer a centralized hub for remote work visa processing (i.e. Malta or UAE), there does not appear to be any language (other than a “fast track” option) for where you will ultimately obtain the digital nomad visa for Italy.

Furthermore, there are still provisions that need to be further defined before the Italian digital nomad visa is released. For example, there will be specific descriptions for the types of “skilled worker categories” that are eligible and the method for verifying this type of work activity.

How to live and work remotely in Italy

Although the nomadi digitali visa is not yet available, this recent acknowledgment by Italian authorities is a positive sign. Furthermore, if you are looking for ways to actively work in Italy, you might want to consider other remote work visa options for Italy - including the Self-Employment visa, or Representative Office visa ("ROV").

David is a global immigration lawyer and dual US-Italian citizen. He currently resides in Florence, Italy.

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