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There are 392 rivers in Vietnam running from the north to south of the country stretching 6,734 kms. Needless to say, water is an indispensable part of Vietnam, which is nested on the eastern Indochinese Peninsula.

From floating markets to water puppetry, the Vietnamese revere the water that’s all around them. Not only is it considered to bring life and trade, it’s also believed to wash away bad luck.

A land rich with caves, bays and fertile land, Vietnam's land cover is no more than 20%. Mountains account for 40% of the country's land area, and tropical forests cover around 42%. Unsurprisingly, then, Vietnam is second only to its maritime neighbor Thailand in paddy production. Rice is a staple among Viet people, and the cornerstone of every meal. Along with rice the country is also a top exporter of cashews and black pepper.

In Vietnam, you’re never far from coffee or snake wine. Revered as a sign of vitality in Vietnamese medicine, snake wine is made by putting whole snakes with herbs in rice wine to cure ailments like rheumatism and back pain. However, one should be careful with consuming snake wine with a ‘it’s-5PM-somewhere’ attitude.

Drinking and driving is an offense everywhere, but especially dangerous on the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, two big urban centers of Vietnam. The Viet people are all used to swaying and snaking along the roads on their motorbikes, if not on the basket boats.

For a population of 97 million, Vietnam is home to roughly 50 million motorbikes -- five times as many as in Japan, posing a stubborn challenge to environmental activists.

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