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In light of current events throughout Eastern Europe, we have launched a temporary space where individuals can connect with leading migration practitioners and read on-the-pulse news regarding immigration pathways for Ukrainian nationals and others who have been displaced as a result of these events.

We will be updating these details on a regular basis, and wish to thank all who have pledged support to those in need. For those seeking information and immigration support related to the current events happening in Ukraine, please browse through qualified legal advisors providing ongoing immigration services. On this page you will also find timely information related to refugee, visa and immigration news written by the experts.

Find Qualified Legal Advisors supporting Ukrainian Nationals

Below you will find a list of qualified migration practitioners who have pledged support for those currently in need of immigration advice.

Read Trustworthy News About Immigration and Refugee pathways for Ukrainian Nationals

Please browse through the articles below to find on-the-pulse news and updates about immigration pathways for Ukrainian Nationals.


Just two months ago we launched a destination page for Ukraine. Despite the current events, we have chosen to keep the introduction to this geographic destination with the firm belief that peace will prevail.

Despite being the second largest country in Europe, Ukraine is often overlooked as a destination. Yet spend one moment in the bustling capital city, Kiev, and you’ll be astonished. This time-tested nation is staged to become one of the most influential-hubs of technology-based activity in Europe – and it should not be a surprise.

Ukraine has weathered centuries of dense geopolitical, economic and social struggles to emerge as one of the highest potential earning countries in the European tech-scene. The Ukrainian cultural fabric is relentless, full vigor and contains no shortages of highly-qualified ultra-professional, tech-based labor. From software engineers and venture capital incubators, to visionary start-ups and advantageous government tax-regimes, Ukraine has all the ingredients to make itself a premier destination in Europe.

And why stop there? Extremely affordable housing and overall cost-of-living, a robust healthcare system and convenient migratory access to the rest of Europe all contribute to the growing list of reasons to consider Ukraine as a new home-base…or launching-pad. Oh yeah, and did we mention there are immigration pathways catering to digital nomads and IT professionals?

Information for Ukrainians Entering the European Union

If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the European Union, you will find key information about your rights with regard to crossing the border into an EU country, eligibility for temporary protection and applying for international protection, as well as the rights of travel inside the European Union.

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