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A country layered in art, war, architecture, and dance, everywhere you turn screams history! Music! Flavor! Couple this with a landing pad ripe for innovation and flexible residency options—and Spain is bound to be on top of your destination list.

As distinct as the Castellano accent, Spain is a standout for entrepreneurs, retirees, and digital nomads. In 2022, Spain will (more likely than not) move forward with its version of a Digital Nomad Visa. Stay tuned as more information unfolds from the Spanish Legislature…

Spain is one of the most popular European destinations, and rightfully so. This country has so much to offer from explorers to retirees alike. The Spanish culture extends worldwide due to the Spanish conquistadors. Within its own borders, the Moors, Arab and Berber Muslims have influenced Spanish culture and language in nearly every aspect. Whether it be art, literature, architecture or even the language, Moorish culture thrives in present day Spain.

A day in the Life: Barcelona

A large expat population thrives in Barcelona. Imagine spending your weekends devouring octopus on a gorgeous beach along the Mediterranean, strolling past the Basílica de la Sagrada Família while making your way home for an obligatory afternoon siesta only to enjoy a weekly Salsa class mixed with locals later on. Then it's onto watch a breathtaking flamenco dance or a live music event in an underground bar late into the night or early morning. Proudly take your international visitors to experience an obligatory rowdy fútbol match at Camp Nou stadium. Wherever you reside, you can move about with ease 24/7 in this city full of public transportation and relatively low rental costs.

A day in the Life: Madrid

Move inland to Madrid on your lunch break to find a place to sit and relax in the city’s green lungs (El Retiro–the Retreat) or pop in to one of the many many unique museums–like the House of the Little Rat, Perez, who is rumored to leave small gifts for children under their pillows after losing their baby teeth.

If you’re not a city slicker, there’s no shortage of jobs for English speakers throughout the more quaint Spanish and Catalonian villages where you will undeniably experience the true essence of the culture in the most humble of forms.

Saddle up with some sangria as we work behind the scenes to bring you even more information on La Piel de Toro

Meanwhile, take a closer look at our FAQs, on-the-pulse information about the new Digital Nomad Visa in Spain, and connect with our leading corporate, tax, and immigration Advisors in Spain today.


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