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The birthplace of many Roman emperors, including Constantine the Great, you are never too far from a mountain or a winding river in Serbia. Although landlocked, the country boasts of ancient mountain ranges, a rainforest, the second deepest river canyon (The Drina river canyon) in the west, and Europe’s largest gorge - the Đerdap gorge on the east of Serbia.

The capital city of Belgrade has a population of 1.5 million people, and is one of the oldest and continuously inhabited cities in Europe and the World. It also served as the capital of former Yugoslavia from its creation in 1918 to its dissolution in 2006.

The city has seen a tech, and digital nomad boom in recent years – According to some estimates, the tech accounts for at least six percent of Serbia’s GDP, while employing some 45,000 people. Since 2015, Serbian startups have raised over $500 million.

Serbia welcomes everyone, especially newcomers with a warm home with great hospitality. Its second biggest city Novi Sad has been named one of European capital of culture for 2022.

A destination which is steadily gaining popularity among digital nomads, a proposal to provide a one-year work visa for those with a gross monthly salary of more than 3,500 euros, is underway.

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