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Poland has a deep and devastating recent history including the occupation by Soviet-German forces during WW2 in addition to the horrific Auschwitz concentration camp. Moving forward from this darkness, Poland fought to pull itself back into the light after near-total devastation and destruction (especially of Warsaw, the capital).

The topography and texture of Poland is unique and ready to be heartily enjoyed. Poland, or Polska (land of open fields), has it all: mountains, rivers, hundreds of miles of coastline, trekking trails, even wetlands and a desert. In other words, there’s something for everyone to take part in from kayaking to hot springs.

Although if nature is not up your alley, there are beautiful cities to explore and vodka tours to be had. From Warsaw to Krakow to Wroclaw and everything between there is no shortage of history to behold or architectural feats to appreciate.

Poland is an attractive hub for investors–from IT to automotive and AI. Tech companies (startups, medium-size, and humongous) are investing heavily in Poland. For example, Microsoft invested 1 billion in 2021 and Google opened its “Google Cloud region” in the center of Warsaw (the investment is estimated at ~$1.5-2bn) that same year.

All in all, Poland is a perfect European destination with spectacular scenery, a reasonable cost of living, lots of international schools, and investment opportunities alike.

Take a pause to enjoy the scenery while we work hard in the background to bring you everything related to relocating to Poland.

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