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The most southern nation along Central America, Panama is that golden bridge connecting North America to the South. And despite being one of the most important commercial thoroughfares for maritime navigation, Panama is no longer just a place to pass through.

The entire country seems to pulsate from the urban-capital of Panama City. One of the most commercially and economically active cities in Central America, Panama City is not only well-connected to international flight-patterns, it is also a culturally vibrant melting-pot.

Economic opportunities within Panama are vast. An incredibly attractive low-cost of living combined with strong WiFi and modern day amenities make this a top-destination for remote workers and digital nomads. Oh yeah, did we mention that Panama has an abundance of biodiversity – from the seemingly endless Pacific coastlines where you can surf as you would in Portugal to the misty-mountain pockets of terraced coffee plantations – there are is enough to explore in multiple lifetimes within this dense and layered topography.

And it’s not all for remote workers and digital nomads. In fact, recent migration patterns have experienced a rapidly growing interest for investors and retirees alike. Those seeking to capitalize on calculated risk investments in Central and South America have been relying the strong Panamanian banking infrastructure and cashing-in on seemingly turbulent market opportunities. For those not trading currencies or crypto assets, Panama offers a vibrant, welcoming culture with an affordable real-estate market. As a retirement hot-spot for the semi-adventurous pensioner, this nation is rising to the thresholds of it’s Central America counterparts like Costa Rica.

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