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How To Find A Job In New Zealand

How to Find a Job in New Zealand

Whether you have always wanted to see the penguins in Otago, visit the rugby museum in Palmerston North, watch the Kiwis in Stewart Island, or take in the picturesque scenery of Milford Sound, New Zealand is a fabulous place for outdoor adventures.

But if you want to live in New Zealand, you will need a job there. A full-time worker can easily get by, but a part-time worker may hit the wall. It all depends on the type of job you will do and the salary you will get. There are several job opportunities for the right types of workers. Some of the biggest industries in New Zealand are agriculture and health care. The country also has programs aimed at bringing highly skilled immigrants to the country.

The aim of this article is to clue you in to everything you need to know about securing a job in New Zealand as an expat. We will go over a few things you need to think about when looking for work in the country and touch on some resources you have at your disposal.

What to Consider Before Your New Zealand Job Search

There are various things you should keep in mind when job seeking in New Zealand. Your skills, work history, and the area of New Zealand you plan to live in can affect your job search. In the next few sections, we will go over some vital considerations to help you navigate your way.


If you are moving to New Zealand, you will need a visa to work in the country. If you are an Australian, however, all you will need is your passport to work and live in New Zealand. Here are a few types of short-term and long-term visas that will allow you to work there.

A Working Holiday visa lets young adults try New Zealand out. It gives them the ability to stay and work for a year or two. Certain situations, though, might affect the availability of this visa. Here is a list of qualifications you must hold to attain one:

  • Coming to New Zealand primarily to vacation
  • From an approved country
  • 18 to 30 years old (35 in some cases)
  • Have enough money to buy a ticket to go back to your country
  • Provide a General Medical Certificate (if you are applying for a 23-month visa)

A Skilled Migrant visa is a permanent resident visa designed for workers who have abilities and skills that are highly sought after by the New Zealand government. You will need to get at least 160 points in a system designed by the New Zealand immigration office to even be considered for the work visa. The point system will gauge things like your age, health, education, and skills. Here is the process you will have to follow to get a Skilled Migrant visa. It can take over a year to complete.

A Work to Residence visa is a temporary visa that will allow you to apply for a permanent visa after working for two years. You can apply for this visa if you have skills acknowledged on the long-term skills shortage list in New Zealand or have a long-term employment offer from an approved employer.

Where to Find Jobs in New Zealand

In the following few sections, we will go over a few of the resources job seekers can use to find jobs in New Zealand. Post your resume and cover letter on these job sites to find opportunities in the country. They are great places to start your journey.


SEEk is the most well-known job search site in New Zealand. It lets you search for job openings in a wide variety of industries. It also has tools to help you create a work profile attractive to employers and valuable guides to help you navigate your career search. is a huge resource for finding employment. It also offers advice on courses and materials for people studying to work in a particular industry. The site is run by the Tertiary Education Commission of New Zealand and has an easy-to-follow layout with helpful features like career quizzes and a skills matcher.


Tips for Getting a Job in New Zealand

There is a wide array of things you can do to make your job search go a lot smoother. In the next few sections, we will dive into some things you can do to prepare for your future transition to New Zealand.

Study the Immigration and Visa Regulations in New Zealand

Understanding how immigration processes in New Zealand are handled is vital to being able to live there. Even after you get your visa, you can still be denied entry into New Zealand for a number of reasons.

For example, your Working Holiday visa can be canceled unless you can show proof that you have enough money for a return ticket from New Zealand. Again, knowing the laws on immigration helps you stay in compliance.

Investigate Companies, Regions, and Business Practices

Researching everything you can about a company helps you tailor your application directly to that business and gives you a better chance of getting a job offer. Do searches and hit up company websites for as much information as you can gather. Read the company’s biography, mission statement, and values.

You should also take some time to study the area you hope to work in. Learn what the people are interested in. For example, rugby is huge in New Zealand. If you are heading to a place like Manawatu, being familiar with the Manawatu Turbos can help you make small talk with potential employers.

Keep Your Resume Professional, Engaging, and Updated

An outstanding resume can help you get your foot in the door with New Zealand employers. In New Zealand, resumes should be brief (two to three pages), show how you have used your skills in the past (examples), and have at least two references. Remember that employers see a lot of resumes. They may only give yours a cursory glance before deciding whether it can move to the next round of hiring.

Some employers even use applicant tracking system (ATS) software to vet candidates. ATS software scans resumes for keywords to see if applicants have the required skills for a general job. That is why it is important to use the exact same words to describe the skills used in the job post.

Learn More About New Zealand and Immigration by Connecting to a Relocate Advisor

From the ski slopes in Queenstown to the forests of Waipoua, New Zealand is a paradise for adventure seekers. And, new Kiwis (new New Zealanders) enjoy a great work-life balance.

If you are dreaming of taking off to New Zealand, dig deeper into our independent marketplace for global migration and get the insight you need. Moving anywhere, especially to a far off land like New Zealand is equally exciting as it is challenging. Within Relocate you can submit general inquiries to a network of qualified advisors, and browse licensed Immigration Advisors in New Zealand who can provide the information you need to make informed decisions.

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