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Known as the Singapore of Africa, this Indian Ocean island-country is well-known for its uninhabited shores, fiscal-incentives and diverse international community.

Although just 65 km (40 mi) long and 45 km (30 mi) wide, Mauritius is one of the most powerful banking-hubs for all of Africa. An impressive 2,000 km (1,200 mi) off the southeast coast of Africa mainland, Mauritius is a well-protected geographic gem. With over 100 miles of spacious ivory white beaches, those who call Mauritius home are amongst the fortunate. Ask any Mauritian about why they like this country, and almost all will tell you that “it works.” Similar to its Asian counterpart, Singapore, the authorities of Mauritius have implemented a well-lubricated system of banking and governance. Streamlined bureaucracy makes cross-border business and relocation efficient, and the private sector of services exceeds that of most European countries.

Top this off with the fact that Mauritius just became more accessible through the Premium Travel Visa. Effectively launched in 2021, this immigration pathway is the equivalent of being a Digital Nomad -- providing various incentives for living in Mauritius for up to one-year with a streamlined application process. In other words, you don't need a private jet to enjoy the pristine wonders of this island-country.

Aside from the predictable expectations that make living in Mauritius stress-free, there is no shortage of leisure and pristine natural beauty. You are likely to make connections with some of the most influential jet-setters, if that’s your thing, or simply consider yourself amongst the lucky seafarers to soak up the serene beauty and choose your fresh-catch of the day. Trust us, there is more than enough to go around, so you can tell your friends and family as well.


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Connect with leading experts in Mauritius


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