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Situated off the coast of Sicily and some nautical miles above Northern Africa, this archipelago in the central mediterranean is one of the most important destinations for international mobility. If Malta wasn’t Malta you may easily miss this landmass on the map – instead, we’re zooming in to find out more.

Malta presents a wealth of opportunities. Historically, this destination was of significant importance for the major kingdoms that surrounded it. Power struggles aside, it still remains a landscape that is worth settling down – engulfed on all sides by the crystal mediterranean waters and some of the freshest seafood in the world – it is mediterranean island life at its finest.

Put on the international mobility map through implementation of favourable tax-schemes and corporate holding benefits, Malta rapidly rose the ranks the passport strength game – where citizenship meant turn-key access to Europe and all the other worldly destinations that were inaccessible for the less fortunate nationalities.

As if tax-havens, international mobility and mediterranean island vibes weren’t enough – why not introduce a remote work and digital nomad visa? That’s right, Malta is right-up there on the pulse of the remote work revolution. This tiny gem is not only nautical miles away from the southern tip of Europe, but it is an internationally connected launching pad boasting modern amenities, reliable wi-fi, and a fusion of cultures that is as tasteful as the catch-of-the-day.


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