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Strategically positioned at the intersection of Europe and Asia, the Caucasus mountains pierce the skies and Black Sea beaches line the Georgian shores. While this European destination is rather underrated, that is part of its appeal.

Off the beaten path lies the capital of Tbilisi. Untarnished by tourists, the spiraling cobblestone streets glint Art Nouveau architecture alongside cozy cafes selling decadent local favorites — a combination of cheese and bread in many forms. Plus, a lively bar scene (up to European standards.) To the west is Kutaisi, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. There you will stumble on bold and futuristic architecture in the city out-skirted by deciduous forests and agriculture. Beyond the cities, you can find the world’s deepest cave, world-class skiing and a hikers paradise. The country’s distinctive topography, full of natural wonders, is ancient and eye-catching to say the least.

If all the above isn’t appealing enough, Georgia is the birthplace of wine! The earliest winemaking practices are traced back here, and the country still produces a wide variety of wines today. Pair this with an extremely humble and welcoming culture and this may be the perfect relocation destination for any adventurous spirit on a budget seeking homey comforts.

Is it Georgia or Sakarvelo? Depends who you ask! Hold tight while we dig deeper to bring you more content. Until then, sip some Georgian wine. ’mshvidoba!

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