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Hugging the Adriatic coastline for over 5,800 km, Croatia is the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe. Boasting all the amenities of a Mediterranean culture without the glamour, this is a destination for those who crave authenticity.

A hearty mainland culture makes this nation of 1,000+ islands a transformative destination and place to call home. It’s easy to get allured by the majestic coastline – stretching from the northern-border of Italy and south into Montenegro. And it’s easy to get lost in the density of this varied Adriatic culture. Inundated with distinct European history, Croatia borders six extremely diverse nations: Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro. And with its desirable location gazing east over the Adriatic sea, Croatia has always been a first-cousin with its counterpart across the sea, Italy. With no shortages of fresh seafood, rolling vineyards and historic cobblestoned streets, this nation has its own identity that is worth getting to know.

Croatia offers one of the most attractive cost-of-living proposals throughout Europe. Affordable housing, access to world-class healthcare, progressive tax-incentives and some of the freshest seafood you will ever taste for less than $10 sums it up. Croatia knows that she has something to offer, and recent grassroots efforts are transforming vibrant “urban” hubs such as Zagreb, Split and Rijeka as a Digital Nomad destination. With remote working facilities emerging on a daily basis, digital nomads and remote workers are starting to smell the Adriatic sea-salt.

As a stellar launching-pad into the rest of Europe – Croatia is well-positioned to be more than just a crossroad.

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