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It is difficult to find a place that has culturally survived the influence of so many different ruling systems – Bulgaria is such a place. From the Roman Empire, Ottoman rule, questionable alliances during the Second World War and Soviet influence, to becoming a fully integrated European state. (add conclusion sentence)

Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, with the Black Sea to the east and sharing territorial borders with Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union since 2007, though Bulgarians only got full mobility within the European Union in 2014, due to some provisions in the membership agreement.

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, has recently emerged herself as a cultural hub. The city has accelerated efforts to restore part of the architectural heritage, and this combined with its mostly young, modern vibes, makes it a lovely place to visit and live. The emergence of cultural industries in abandoned or repurposed spaces is an area in which Sofia has much to offer.


For the outdoorsy types, Bulgaria houses amazing mountains – covering one-third of the entire territory. From incredible ski resorts to stunning Black Sea beaches, the landscape is rich in variety and activities, adding to the attractive lifestyle this nation can offer. (add lines?) Working in Bulgaria

Remote Working

For digital nomads and remote workers who desire close proximity to nature paired with reliable access to digital infrastructure, Bulgaria presents itself as an affordable choice. According to the 2020 Price level index for final household consumption expenditure, Bulgaria’s price level was 45% below the EU average. Did we mention coffee and beer are notoriously cheap here?

Internet connection speed/reliability are top notch here. According to the World Population Review, in 2021 Bulgaria ranked 9th in the world, above Switzerland for mobile internet connection speeds, and its broadband speeds top Australia and more than double that of Greece. Additionally, Sophia provides over 50 co-working spaces, so you’ll have no trouble finding a desk and connecting with like-minded travelers. One space in particular is situated right outside Bansko, the country’s most popular ski resort. There’s nothing like coffee and a morning ski before your working day begins!


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