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How To Find A Job In Brazil

How to Find a Job in Brazil

A top destination with its extensive beaches, lush tropical rain forest and vibrant culture, it’s no wonder people want to set roots in Brazil. As Brazil grows globally into a new superpower, employment opportunities increase. Multinational, American companies, and call centers are progressively expanding to Brazil, further stimulating the Brazilian economy and job market for locals and foreigners alike.

Acquiring work is likely the first step of your big move. Relocate is a source to help familiarize you about Brazil and provide support for your relocation process. Below is some important information to know about working in Brazil.

Job Opportunities in Brazil


Internships are abundant in Brazil's thriving cities of São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. Whether paid, volunteer or providing a living stipend, internships can be found throughout sectors of marketing, business, IT, web development and communication. They are a great way to experience Brazil - without the complicated visa process - while gaining valuable experience.

Check with your university to see if they support specific internship programs in Brazil.

Tourism Industry

Brazil is a top tourist destination - correspondingly, the tourism industry always needs English speakers. If working in hospitality is your area of expertise, your odds of finding employment are high.

Teach English in Brazil

Teaching English provides a perennial opportunity for employment in Brazil. In and around Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are areas of high demand as business professionals are seeking to improve their English language skills to further career opportunities.

Income varies based on location and venue - whether at a school or university or offering private lessons at an hourly rate. You can charge a higher hourly fee for specialty subjects, such as medical or legal English.

In order to teach in Brazil, you must have two years of teaching experience at the appropriate level, a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, and if you’re teaching in a private school, a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification. If you have childcare or early education experience, you may consider working as a nanny for a Brazilian family to expose their children to English.

Important Considerations for Working in Brazil

If you are looking for work in Brazil, it is necessary to consider some important realities. The following tips, acquired from those who have been through it, may help serve as a good foundational base.

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Your chances of securing local employment without Portuguese language proficiency are low. If you work for a multinational company or American company then language skills may not be required, but you still would benefit greatly to know some basics.

If you have your heart set on Brazil but lack proficiency in Portuguese start learning now! Enroll in Portuguese classes or seek work through an international organization that offers Portuguese language as part of their employee compensation package. Internships are a great way to learn the language and culture, plus gain valuable work experience in the Brazilian market. Certification from an official language course is not necessary to work in Brazil, nonetheless, using online resources can be a great way to improve your Portuguese.


What is it like Working in Brazil?

While Brazil maintains an economic pulse, there seems to always be time for leisure. Brazilians certainly value a work-life balance, and sometimes it tips in favor of life. That said, there is always space for the entrepreneurial spirit in Brazil. Cities like Sāo Paolo are notoriously energetic and boasts a rapidly emerging tech-scene, but finding the right launching-pad in Brazil can be challenging.

Brazilian Workday

The Brazilian workday traditionally runs Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm, with an hour of unpaid break. The average work week is 40 hours and by law cannot exceed 44 hours per week.

The workplace culture in Brazil is generalized as being a relaxed yet sophisticated environment. Brazilians are often classified to be friendly and collaborative team players who exercise a great deal of patience. Businesses in Brazil are hierarchical and final decisions are typically made at the top which may prolong any deals being made. Although the culture is laid back, Brazilians are very fashionable and have an eye for detail, so consider your appearance.


Healthcare is not dependent on employment, it is offered to all citizens and legal residents of Brazil at no cost by the government through the Unified Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde, or SUS). However, many foreigners prefer private hospitals due to the long wait times in the public facilities. This considered, you may want to find employment which offers a private health insurance package, otherwise you are able to purchase a plan at your own expense.

Annual Leave and Holiday

The Brazilian labor law prescribes a generous annual leave package of thirty paid days is accumulated yearly. Annual leave can be taken all at once or divided into two parts. Additionally, Brazil observes eight national holidays annually, including Christmas and New Year’s day for non-essential employees.

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