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How To Find A Job In Australia

How to Find a Job in Australia

With its high quality of life, beautiful natural landscapes, friendly people, great education, and excellent health care, Australia has long drawn immigrants from across the globe. In fact, about 30% of the country’s population was born abroad.

It is difficult to just uproot and move to the Land Down Under without a job or a plan, though. While it is possible to move without having employment lined up, it is a lot easier if you have a job offer in hand. And it is better to know that you have a steady stream of income coming in as soon as you make your move, as the cost of living is significantly higher than in many other countries.

For those looking for work, there are several industries expected to see significant employment growth and a demand for workers. These thriving areas include health care and social assistance, construction, education and training, and professional, scientific, and technical services.

Even if you are an experienced professional in an in-demand field, finding and securing work in Australia as a foreigner might seem a little overwhelming. There are several steps to take before making your move and a lot of research to be done, but this article will help walk you through planning your immigration.

What to Consider Before Your Australia Job Search

Those serious about finding employment and moving to Australia will find there is a lot to consider before you can pack your bags and hop on a plane. Through Relocate, the first independent marketplace for global migration, you can submit general inquiries, browse qualified Advisors and get in-depth consultations to help you make sense of this life-changing process. Here are some key topics to keep in mind as you make your plans.

To work in Australia, you need a work visa, which is actually a more complicated process than it sounds. There are 44 work visa options to choose from depending on how long you plan to stay and the type of work you do.

It is likely, though, that your best chance at obtaining a work visa is by having an occupation on the country’s skills shortage list. If you have skills in need in Australia, you can use the Skillselect process to be invited to apply for a skilled visa by the Australian government, be nominated for a skilled visa by an employer, or nominated for a skilled visa by a state or territory. To get the ball rolling, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

The DoctorConnect program recruits doctors from other parts of the world to work in regional, rural, and remote Australia. And the country’s Harvest Trail program connects workers with growers in the horticultural industry. Meanwhile, a working holiday visa is geared toward young people aged 18 to 30, allowing them to work to fund their extended vacation in Australia.

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Where to Find Jobs in Australia

Job seekers looking for work in Australia might not be sure where to start from across the world. Here are some of the best job sites to check out when looking for career opportunities, both full time and part time. Upload your resume and sign up for job alerts as new positions are posted.

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As one of Australia’s top job listing sites, SEEK offers an extensive database of open positions across locations and industries. It even has a separate section of employers open to hiring foreigners.


This Aussie job site is the largest in the country, with over 350,000 listings. In Australia, Jora partners with SEEK to present job opportunities to workers. Search for your dream position by job title and location.


This site operated by the Australian government is another leading resource for job seekers.


This job site puts thousands of job listings across Australia at your fingertips. It also provides you with the tools you need to research local salaries and hiring trends.

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Tips for Getting a Job in Australia

Making a move across the world is a big decision to make and requires a lot of research as you job hunt. Before you make any significant plans — buying a plane ticket or putting a deposit down on an apartment — here are some tips to help you land the job you have always dreamed of.

Research Visa and Immigration Requirements

To accept a job in Australia, you will need to understand the country’s work visa and immigration requirements. It can be a confusing process. After all, there are 44 work visa options for you to consider. The visa you can apply for will be dictated by the type of work you plan to do and how long you want to stay in the country. Work visas are only temporary, though. If you want to stay in the country permanently or for more than a year to a few years at a time, you will need to go through a more extensive immigration process.

Your best chance of being granted a work visa is through the country’s Skillselect process, which seeks skilled workers for in-demand jobs in Australia. To get one of these skilled visas, though, you need to be sponsored by an employer, nominated by the state, territory, or invited to apply for one by the Australian government.

For instance, say you found a position with an Australian company as a graphic designer because they weren’t able to fill the position with an Australian worker. The company could nominate you for the position based on your relevant skills, and you could be eligible for a temporary skill shortage visa. This visa enables employers to address labor shortages by bringing in skilled workers where employers can't source an Australian worker.

Create a Polished, Well-Written Resume

Before applying for jobs in Australia, make sure your resume or CV looks good. As a foreigner, your application will probably receive more scrutiny from recruiters and human resources than local applicants. So, the more polished your resume is, the better. Consider hiring a professional to review or rewrite it for you.

Also, make sure you localize your resume so that it meets Australian standards. Summarize your strengths by listing key strengths or writing a career overview. Outline your professional history in reverse chronological order and include both responsibilities and achievements. If you are coming from overseas, include a description of your employer.

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