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Moving to Australia

Australia captivates the hearts and minds of many travelers for a huge variety of reasons. Whether you are interested in the Land Down Under for its famously wild outback or are considering the big move to Sydney because of its incredible food and wine culture, Australia truly does offer something for everybody.

The Aussie people are known for their outgoing, quick-to-laugh attitudes, and a world-class health care system. Australia enjoys the top ranking on the global work-life balance scale, as measured annually by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). With excellent public health care and education systems in place, Oz is hard to beat.

Are you thinking that you might want to partake in some of that excellent work-life balance? This article will provide non-residents with tips for legally immigrating to Australia and also provide further details on many of Australia’s incomparable attractions.

Why Pick Australia?

If you are thinking about relocating, Australia has much to offer. The reasons that an expat might have for considering Australia range from the personal to the professional, but the quality of life experienced in the Land Down Under is agreed upon by all.

Beyond having excellent health care, Australian citizens also enjoy a fantastically diverse climate, gorgeous beaches, an outdoor-oriented culture and some of the most unique wildlife on the planet. In fact, more than 80% of Australia’s plants and wildlife aren’t found anywhere else on Earth. As the English language is spoken everywhere in Australia, mobility between its far-flung regions doesn’t come with a language barrier. The following sections will detail some of the most popular reasons for making Oz your new home.

Whether it’s snorkeling the surreal colors of the Great Barrier Reef or spending a picnic day with kangaroos hopping in the background, the Australian landscape presents many opportunities that you simply can’t obtain anywhere else.

Featuring endless miles of bushland, mountain ranges, forests and some of the most famous surfing beaches in the world, Australia gives expats the chance to live any outdoorsy lifestyle they like. Famous landmarks like Uluru/Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera House show Australia’s diversity of options, both natural and manmade, for any kind of traveler. Close proximity to New Zealand means that access to Maori culture and extreme sports like bungee jumping are nearby also.

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Places to Live in Australia

As mentioned, Australia has big cities galore and giant patches of land with almost no one living on them, too. Since English is spoken everywhere, the major considerations an expat might have in moving over will likely rest on other factors. Proximity to the sea, infrastructure or particular arts scenes may play a role in where a person decides to take up residence in Australia.

The cost of living in certain urban areas tends to be far higher than what can be found in more rural spaces, and housing availability/type is also a facet of importance to many. It’s advisable to do a side-by-side comparison of costs and benefits to determine which place in Australia may best meet your needs. The following list offers short details on the major cities in Australia where expats may choose to live:

As the capital city, Canberra serves as the governmental hub and cultural center of Australia. It has been ranked one of the world’s most liveable cities and enjoys close connection with the ancestral bushland of the First Nations people. Canberra is currently enjoying a healthy housing market that may make long-term accommodations here easier to obtain than other places.


Of course, the above list represents only the most famous and popular spots in Australia. Places that might get a little less press can be equally or even more appealing to many people. Check out hidden gems like Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Geelong, Darwin, Wollongong, Cairns, Newcastle and Rockhampton for all sorts of local benefits and lifestyle inspiration, too.

How to Immigrate to Australia

Getting an Australian visa is all about knowing how you want to come over, who you need to bring with you and how long you want to stay. The best news for expats looking to make a new home in Australia is that there are a host of visa options available.

Take a simple work visa, for example: Australia has 44 kinds of those that you can apply for! Australia also offers specialty visas like the working holiday visa, allowing employed travelers to live and work in Oz for a full year. Send a free inquiry to our Advisors and find out which subclasses may apply to your particular immigration scenario.

Overall, the visa application process varies with different visas. The Australian government handles all visas through the Department of Home Affairs. There is a special subclass for bringing parents and another for partners. Some of these visas offer a path to Australian citizenship and others, such as the working holiday visa, do not.

Depending on the type of visa that you desire and your budget, you may want to work with a migration agent to be able to navigate the visa system more efficiently. The following sections provide details into some of the more common and useful ways for non-citizens to legally migrate to Australia.

Several Partner visas exist for Australian citizens. Two of the most common are the Partner Provisional (Subclass 309) and the Partner Migrant (Subclass 100). The first allows the legitimate partner of an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia temporarily. The second allows the partner to stay permanently. Applicants apply for both visas at the same time. Both spouses and de facto partners may apply for this type of visa, and it provides a pathway to full Australian citizenship if desired.

Consult With the Best in Your Move to Australia

Are you ready to take on the Land Down Under on your own terms? Dig deeper into some of the core topics about moving to Australia and make an informed decision. Whether you’re going for work or family, you may want to connect with qualified Australian Advisors and get some reliable advice for figuring out the logistics and get on with that kangaroo picnic!

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