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Employment Visa in Ukraine


Serhii Aleksandrov


November 25, 2021


10:54 AM

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If you're seeking employment in Ukraine there is a few things you must know about obtaining the proper visa. As a general rule, foreigners are obliged to obtain a work permit in order to be able to work in Ukraine.

Exceptions for a Work Permit

No work permit is required for the following categories of foreign employees:

  • permanent residence permit holders;
  • holders of the refugee status;
  • holders of the immigration permit;
  • asylum seekers or who got extra protection in Ukraine;
  • personnel of foreign airlines, sea or river fleet who serve such companies in Ukraine;
  • personnel of foreign mass media that got accreditation in Ukraine;
  • professional sportsmen and artists;
  • personnel of search and rescue services for performance of emergency missions;
  • personnel of foreign representative offices registered in Ukraine;
  • church personnel approved by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine;
  • participants of international technical aid projects;
  • teachers and scientists invited by Ukrainian high and pre-high education facilities;
  • other foreigners in accordance with certain international treaties and special laws.

Documents Needed for a Work Permit

It must be stressed that a work permit is obtained by the employer and not by the employee. Thus, dealing with work permit formalities is the employers responsibility. However, the employee will need to help his/her employer by providing them with the correct documentation.

The following standard documents have to be submitted to obtain the work permit:

  1. application under the established form;
  2. notarized copy of the foreigner’s translated and notarized passport;
  3. foreigner’s color photo (3.5 x 4.5 centimeters);
  4. copy of the labor contract template to be concluded between the foreigner and the employer, certified by the employer.

More documents may be required depending on the professional category of the foreigner and the relevant job: Ukraine article table.webp

All documents issued abroad should be apostilled, translated into the Ukrainian language and notarized.

How Long Does A Work Permit Take and How Much Does it Cost?

The period of time a work permit is issued for is based on the category of employment, for some cases it is 1 year and for the rest it is usually 3 years. However, you can renew a work permit as many times as needed.

State fees for issuance or renewal of a work permit are the following: ukraine article .webp

A decision to grant or deny a work permit is made within 7 business days, and it takes 3 business days for renewal of work permits.

The fee is paid within 10 business days after a decision to grant/renew a work permit is made.

Note, an application for renewal of a work permit must be submitted no later than within 20 calendar days before expiration of the work permit.

Understand More About Getting an Employment Visa in Ukraine, Obtaining Residency and Other Immigration Matters

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