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Turkey Unveils Tech Visa Program to Attract Global Tech Entrepreneurs



January 22, 2024


11:03 AM

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In a bid to establish itself as a technology hub, Turkey announces the launch of the "Türkiye Tech Visa" program, revealed by Industry and Technology Minister Fatih Kacır. The initiative seeks to draw in technology entrepreneurs with expertise in critical technologies and innovative business models. Turkey's government has consistently introduced incentives to reverse brain drain, attract global talent, and foster national innovation and research and development.

Turkey's Emerging Tech Scene

Minister Kacır emphasized the National Technology Initiative, illustrating Turkey's path towards technological independence, value-added production, and competitive global exports of high-tech products. He highlighted the substantial growth in Türkiye's R&D and innovation ecosystem since the early 2000s, with a focus on elevating human capital quality and increasing exports of high-tech goods.

Underlining the government's commitment to the tech sector, Kacır showcased impressive statistics, such as the surge in R&D human resources from 29,000 to 273,000 and a remarkable 22-fold increase in patent applications since 2002. Turkey's share in world trade has also more than doubled, reaching 1.06% last year, contributing significantly to the country's $255.8 billion exports, with $241 billion attributed to industrial products.

Kacır revealed the government's ambitious goals, including consolidating independence in critical technologies, achieving value-added production, boosting high-tech exports, and enhancing human capital quality. He underscored the administration's support for disruptive technologies, with plans to address the annual current deficit exceeding $7.5 billion. Furthermore, Turkey aims to attract international investments in electric vehicles and accelerate data center investments, including the introduction of hyper-scale data centers.

The Turkey Tech Visa program and these strategic initiatives demonstrate Türkiye's commitment to becoming a global technology player, inviting tech pioneers worldwide to contribute to its burgeoning tech ecosystem.

Relocate to Turkey through the Tech Visa Program

For those considering relocation, Turkey offers a unique opportunity to contribute to its burgeoning tech landscape. As part of the "Türkiye Tech Visa" or "Turkey Tech Visa" program, individuals with technology expertise can explore the vibrant business ecosystem and cultural richness of the country. To facilitate a smooth transition, those considering relocation may find it beneficial to engage with trusted immigration advisors well-versed in Turkey's visa processes, legal requirements, and cultural nuances.

Navigating the intricacies of immigration can be complex, making it essential to seek assistance from reputable immigration advisors who specialize in Turkish immigration and visa policies. These professionals can guide individuals through the application process, ensuring compliance with local regulations and providing valuable insights into the local business environment.

Considering the significant steps Turkey has taken to attract global talent, prospective immigrants are encouraged to conduct thorough research and select immigration advisors with a proven track record. By partnering with trustworthy advisors, individuals can streamline the relocation process, making the Türkiye Tech Visa program an appealing opportunity for technology entrepreneurs seeking to contribute to Turkey's dynamic and rapidly evolving tech ecosystem.

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