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Trademark Protection in Mexico


Jose Cosio Izcapa


January 19, 2022


09:54 AM

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If you are a business-person interested in expanding your business to Mexico, you should explore the different options you have for protecting your intellectual property (IP).

Mexico’s IP legal framework is similar to that of other countries, such as the USA and those within the EU, but does offer some differences worth taking into consideration when doing business in Mexico. Recent changes to trademark law in Mexico have recently taken place, affecting trademark registrations granted after said changes.

Generally, a brand´s name, logo, slogan and even trade dress (visual appearance of a product or its packaging) can be protected in Mexico through trademark registration.

Trademark registrations in Mexico last for ten years-starting from the day the registration is granted- and can be renewed indefinitely for equal periods.

Trademark Protection in Mexico

It is not necessary to currently use a brand in order to apply for registration. However, the owner of a trademark registration must use the brand in Mexico within three years of obtaining registration in order to avoid cancelation from lack of use.

Trademark registration is necessary to take actions against infringers or counterfeiting, to solve domain name disputes and avoid trademark hijacking. It is well known that counterfeiting and trademark infringement cases can be rather usual in Mexico.

The process for obtaining a trademark registration in Mexico is usually considered to be low-cost (compared to other countries) and takes approximately 4-6 months.

Curious to learn about how to incorporate a business or protect your business in Mexico:

Abogadoai is a boutique law firm specializing in immigration matters, corporate law, commercial law and IP law. It also helps with the certified translation of documents in English, Spanish, and French.

Contact Jose Cosio Izcapa to learn more about your options and how to protect your intellectual property in Mexico.

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