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How to Obtain a Temporary Work Permit in Nigeria


Adekunle Ayeni


June 13, 2022


04:01 PM

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A Temporary Work Permit is one of the visas allowing you to stay and work in Nigeria, usually issued to expatriates on a short-term basis. In this article, you can learn what the Temporary Work Permit is exactly and what the requirements are for obtaining it.

Temporary Work Permit in Nigeria

A Temporary Work Permit, also referred to as TWP, is a short-term permit usually issued to an expatriate with special skills through the application of a Corporate entity who is in need of the expertise or skill of such expatriate.

A TWP is usually issued by the Nigerian immigration service to the applying company with the name and details of the expatriate being invited. The approval letter, being a temporary one, is usually valid for two months.

The following documents are required for the application and approval of TWP

  1. Application letter in the letterhead of the applying company addressed to the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service
  2. Company Profile
  3. Certificate of Incorporation of applying company
  4. Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  5. CAC 2 and 7 or CAC 1.1 or Status report of the Company as the case may be (the applicability of the documents here on this item is dependent on when the Company was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission. CAC 2, 7, and 1.1 are no longer issued for new companies since the coming into the existence of the new Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020).
  6. International Passport of the invited expatriate.

It should be noted that this is the first stage of the whole process, as at this stage, a Temporary Work Permit (Pre-Approval Letter) is issued to enable the invited expatriate to complete the application at the Nigerian Embassy where the invited expatriate resides and which he or she has chosen.

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Adekunle Ayeni is a Nigerian Legal Practitioner and an expert on Immigration Law, Corporate Law and Practice, Commercial Law, and Property Law. He is also skilled in navigating the Nigerian government's parastatals, agencies, and authorities for approvals, permits, and other legal matters.

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