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Successful Team Entry Into Canada through Start Up Visa


Upasana Sharma


February 11, 2022


06:57 PM

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Want to understand how your team can relocate through the Canadian Business Immigration Start Up Visa? Check out this article....

Key Requirements

  • Start an innovative Canadian Start up
  • Obtain a Letter of Support from Government Designated body - Angel Investor Group/Venture Capital Fund/Incubator
  • IELTS score of 5 in each category
  • Have sufficient funds to sustain in Canada

Family coverage

Spouse and children up to 22 years of age.

Average Processing time

12-18 months


  • Shortest route to Canadian Permanent Residency: Start up Visa is the only option to secure the Canadian Permanent Residency directly
  • Easy access to North American Market: The Canadian PR holders have an easy access to the large north American market
  • Federal Program: Unlike other programs which require the applicant to stay in the province for two years, with Canadian Start up Visa you canstay anywhere in Canada
  • Predictable- Not conditional on business contingencies: The program is not conditional on the success or failure of business. Hence, it is more predictable than any provincial programs
  • Strong Passport: Canadian Passport is ranked 6th in the world with visa free/visa on arrival to more than 183 countries
  • High standard of education: Canada is ranked very high in the terms of standard of education
  • Substantial savings on University, tuition fees: University/college tuition fees are substantially reduced for students who are permanent residents as compared to international students
  • Access to capital at lesser cost: The rate of interest in Canada is far less than what Indian Banks charge for Business Loans. Thereby, letting the founder to fund his/her global operations at lesser cost.
  • Better brand value and global acceptability: North American companies have much better acceptability and a premium brand value at the global level
  • R&D tax credits: The Canadian government promotes innovation by providing R&D tax credits to eligible activities, both at the federal and provincial levels4.
  • Strong Economy: Canadian economy is ranked in the top 10 economies of the world with high level of GDP
  • Happiness Index: Canada is ranked on 9th position globally on the Happiness index
  • Business Opportunities: With high average income, and larger business prospects, Canada provide numerous business option to Start ups.
  • Visa Free access to US- Canadian Passport holders enjoy visa free telligtravel access to USA and also easy work permit benefits.

Stage 1 Set Up Successful Startup/Business in Canada

  • Determine Eligibility
  • Business Viability Study
  • Go to Market Strategy

Stage 2 Concept Validation - Prepare to Successfully Navigate Designated Entity’s Screening Process

  • Pitch Deck Creation
  • Business Plan Develoment
  • Financial Modeling
  • Business Mentoring and Presentation Skill Development
  • IP Solutions
  • Immigration Solution
  • Corporate Law Services

Stage 3 Seeking Designate Entity’s Letter of Support and Immigrating Competent Entrepreneurs

  • Working with Designated Entities
  • Access to Network Partners, Clients, & Vendors
  • Facilitating Investment for Business
  • Applying for Government Grants

Learn more about how the Start-Up Visa can work for you

Investor Quotient Canada is a premier professional services firm offering a suite of business, legal, logistical and related services to foreign innovators and entities looking to establish and/or expand their operations into Canada or invest in Canadian businesses.

Contact Upasana Sharma to schedule a consultation to learn about which program best suits your investment needs.

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