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Relocate with a Plan: Preliminary Evaluation Report


Adedoyin Adebayo


May 12, 2022


04:03 PM

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Relocation can be simply perceived as an Exodus. So, let’s move

Do you know that Immigration in the 21st century emphasizes procedures? These processes may seem like an impediment but are merely safety protocols for the receiving country. The foregoing makes concrete plan helps you to navigate the process easily and avoid surprises which can frustrate your relocation goals.

Different countries in Africa’s commonwealth and non-commonwealth offer a wide spectrum of immigration options for different categories of persons and groups. It’s important for you to have access to specific information tailored to achieve your relocation goals

Most countries have immigration pathways for the following categories:

  • International Student & Scholarships
  • Visitors
  • Business Immigration Package
  • Investment immigration Packages
  • Permanent Residency
  • Citizenship
  • Employment/Work Class
  • Family Reunification

Preliminary Evaluation Report (PER)

Your immigration purpose dictates your plans and obtaining a detailed Preliminary Evaluation Report (PER) from your consultant helps give you a blueprint of your relocation.

It can also include insights from an insider’s perspective.

Your Preliminary Evaluation Report is a solid foundation to build on and it must give details on three basic elements.

Why you need a report:

1. Your Eligibility

Countries have different eligibility requirements, acting on a detailed report will enable you to make informed decisions and obtain all necessary documents or take certain actions before starting your immigration processing to avoid delays or setbacks.

2. Your best Immigration Pathway

The immigration laws and policies of various countries provide various immigration pathways for different categories of people.

An example of immigration pathways is the economic class like Canadian Express entry, entrepreneur & business pathways or Humanitarian class refugees and asylum seekers or educational pathways. It is possible for an individual to be a potential candidate for more than one pathway in different immigration class at a time.

Though your pathway is largely dependent on your needs, choosing the most viable pathway for you will boost your chances for a successful relocation.

3. Cost Analysis based on your immigration plans

This aspect contains the cost summary for all your immigration process based on your best immigration pathway.

This aspect will contain details on: Pre-relocation cost- Passport, Permits and other required documents. This cost depends on prior steps taken for the purpose of relocating.

Relocation cost: Aviation options, Point of Entry requirements and additional costs

Post-relocation costs: Settlement and Housing cost, required registrations, issue of Health insurance, Employment/Job related applications, Banking Options, Taxes, Social Security, Weather etc.

This section helps you to make the necessary arrangement of funds required for your relocation.

It helps you to make a concrete financial plan for your entire immigration processing including settlement plan after actual relocation.

Additionally, it is advised that active steps should be taken on the report within three months of obtaining a PER. This is due to frequent changes in immigration laws, policies and foreign exchange volatility which impact the cost of immigration processing.

Start your Immigration Process with a Plan

Adedoyin Adebayo is a Nigerian based immigration lawyer delivering premium immigration services to people immigrating to Commonwealth countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Bahamas etc.. He offers practical solution to legal problems peculiar to individual clients.

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