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Move to the Czech Republic?


Petra Wurmová


October 05, 2022


07:19 AM

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Planning to change your life? How about the Czech Republic? Do you want to make a change in your life and are you thinking of moving to the Czech Republic? If so, you might find this article useful for you next move.

What is it that you need to do to make this transition successful?

It is highly recommended to find an employer prior to starting the relocation process. You can use many sources for finding good fitting job in the Czech Republic – there are many job portals from private companies, but also from the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs or you can simply search on LinkedIn. Without having a solid offer in your hands, you would not be able to proceed with the most important part of the relocation process – obtaining Employee Card.

You already have a job in Czechia – congratulations! And what is next?

Quite often the company which offered you a job is familiar with the immigration process; they might have an in-house specialist who would lead you through the process or they are using external vendor who would provide you with the support. In both cases, interaction from the employer is essential in this stage of the immigration process. The employment as such is not possible without a valid Employee Card – the application for Employee Card has to be submitted at the Czech embassy in the country of your origin or in the country where you have a legal residency. It is recommended to contact the Czech embassy where you plan to submit the application to find out conditions for submitting the application for Employee card. In general scheduling an appointment for this purpose is required – each embassy has slightly different criteria for granting an appointment. Exact requirements can be often found on the official Embassy website.

The appointment with the embassy is scheduled!

You were successful in securing the appointment with the Czech embassy and now you are collecting the documents for submitting the application for Employee Card. At this stage you will need to ask your employer to provide you with the original of your employment contract – providing the original of this document to the immigration authorities is a must. You will also need to provide the authorities with your diploma or highest degree achieved and police clearance certificate from your home country – all documents submitted to the authorities will need to be officially translated into Czech. Most of the embassies can provide you with a contact for an official translator who is registered with the embassy and who would arrange the translations for you. The authorities will be also requesting you to provide them with a confirmation that you have an accommodation secured in the Czech Republic. In this case you either have to find yourself a temporary or permanent accommodation to meet this requirement.

You have successfully submitted the application!

Congratulations! The hardest part is behind you. Once the application is submitted with the Czech embassy, the immigration authorities have 60 days, in exceptional cases 90 days, to process the application. Once approved, you would be contacted by the Czech embassy where you have submitted the application and you would be able to collect long-term visa which would allow you to travel to the Czech Republic/Schengen zone to collect your Employee Card.

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