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Questions About Canada Immigration? Get Lawyer Answers


Nava Elmi


March 11, 2022


07:59 PM

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Different visa routes often have different requirements and procedures. Once you have narrowed down which pathway might be best for you, it's time to understand the complex details. Get the lawyer answers you're seeking in this article.

Self Employed Artists or Athletes

Is it necessary to have a language degree to immigrate through SELF EMPLOYED ARTISTS OR ATHLETES program?

Lawyer Answer: YES – you must pass an English or French test. There is no minimum level required but the higher your language score, the stronger your application.

The Self-Employed program is made for artists or athletes who have awards and a track record of national and international shows, competitions.

English: IELTS GENERAL French: TEF Canada


Do I need to create jobs (hire employees) in the Ontario Entrepreneur program? If yes, how many?

LAWYER ANSWER: Yes, you must create at least 2 jobs if your business is in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, or 1 job if your business is outside Toronto.

If your business is in tech, you need to create 1 job, no matter where your company is located.

It can be any position as long as it is permanent and full-time (minimum 30 hours per week).

What is the process to obtain permanent residency in Canada through the Ontario Entrepreneur program?


  1. After the province selects your business concept, you need to submit all your documents.
  2. Ontario will review all your documents, including proof of your total net worth (minimum $400,000 CAD).
  3. If your profile and documents are satisfactory, you will have an interview (in person in Canada or by video – depends on the pandemic situation).
  4. Come to Canada with your family.
  5. You have 20 months to open and manage the business.
  6. After 20 months, you can apply for permanent residence. It will take approximately 12 months to obtain your permanent residency in Canada.

Our team of lawyers will walk you through the process, step by step until you become permanent residents.

Can you have business partners for the Ontario Entrepreneur program?

LAWYER ANSWER: Yes, you may have 1 foreign business partner or can partner with a Canadian partner.

This program is for any entrepreneur outside of Canada who wants to buy a business or start a new business in Ontario.

The applicant must have at least 24 months of experience as a business owner or manager, have a minimum net worth of $400,000 CAD and be able to invest at least $200,000 CAD into the business.

Can I obtain permanent residence in Canada directly through my business, for myself, my spouse, and my children?

Lawyer's Answer: Yes, all business immigration programs can lead to permanent residency but at this time, only the Start-Up Visa program is a direct path to permanent residence. The Start-Up Visa program is aimed at innovative start-ups mostly based on technologies.

What our firm helps you with:

  • We validate your business idea
  • We prepare the business plan tailored to immigration requirements
  • We train you on how to present/pitch your business idea to investors
  • We help you find the designated organization who will support your start
  • We obtain a letter of support
  • We submit an entire application for permanent residence to the government
  • We provide you with business consulting advice on how to run your startup

What is the main difference between the ICT START-UP work permit AND SIGNIFICANT BENEFIT work permit programs?

Lawyer's Answer: The purpose of an ICT START-UP work permit is to open a branch/subsidiary or parent company of your business in Canada. You will obtain a 1-year work permit renewable after expiry.

The main goal in a SIGNIFICANT BENEFIT work permit is to open a business that will bring significant economic, social and/or cultural benefits in Canada. You will obtain a 1 to 2 years work permit renewable.

Both programs can lead to permanent residency in Canada.

Understand the details of immigration pathways to Canada:

For the past 6 years Nava Elmi has been helping individuals, employees, entrepreneurs and investors move and successfully settle in Canada. As an immigrant herself, Nava knows that immigration is more than just a visa.

Reach out to Nava and request a consultation today.

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