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Digital Nomad Visa in Estonia: A Freelancer's Paradise in Europe


Bohdan Mazur


January 31, 2022


10:32 AM

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In 2020, the Estonian Government provided the opportunity to get a legal basis for staying in the country for people who would like to remotely work from Estonia and whose work is not connected with a certain location.

Otherwise known as The Estonian Digital Nomad Visa.

This opportunity is reflected in §62(5) of the Aliens Act of Estonia, where you may see the condition of receiving a digital nomad visa.

Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

For the purposes of this Act, a location-independent employee is an alien whose work does not depend on location and who uses telecommunications technology to perform work duties as telework and who continues:

  1. employment for the benefit of an employer registered in a foreign state with whom he or she has a contractual relationship;
  2. business activities for the benefit of a company registered in a foreign state in which he or she has a holding;
  3. the provision of services mainly to customers whose place of business is in a foreign state and with whom he or she has a contractual relationship.

Terms of digital nomad visa:

  • Up to 1 year
  • Types: short-term visa (C ) and long-term (D).
  • Application review period: up to 30 days.
  • State fees: 80€ for type C visa and 100€ for type D visa.

This option perfectly fits freelancers and people who are active travelers and would like to explore a new country.

Learn More About the Digital Nomad Visa in Estonia

Bohdan Mazur is a certified lawyer specializing in Immigration and Commercial Law.

Connect with Bohdan to explore business and visa pathways to Estonia.

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