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November 02, 2022


02:52 PM

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The birthplace of many Roman emperors, including Constantine the Great, you are never too far from a mountain or a winding river in Serbia. The capital city of Belgrade has a population of 1.5 million people, and is one of the oldest and continuously inhabited cities in Europe and the World. It also served as the capital of former Yugoslavia from its creation in 1918 to its dissolution in 2006.

The city has seen a tech, and digital nomad boom in recent years – According to some estimates, the tech accounts for at least six percent of Serbia’s GDP, while employing some 45,000 people. Since 2015, Serbian startups have raised over $500 million.

Interested in moving to Serbia? Learn more about your immigration options through our featured Relocate Ambassador, Damjan Despotović.

Relocate to Serbia

There are a several ways that foreigners can immigrate to Serbia for work, employment, business or investment. Given the significant language (and cultural) differences, and depending on the importance of your immigration goals, it might be advisable to consult with a bilingual, qualified Serbian lawyer.

Meet Damjan

Damjan Despotovic, managing partner of DNVG Attorneys, and a licensed corporate immigration lawyer in Serbia.

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Practicing Corporate Immigration Law in Serbia

Relocate: What kind of services do you provide as a Serbian lawyer?

Damjan: At DNVG, our attorneys provides legal services and supports businesses across different industries. We provide guidance and assistance in immigration procedures, such as residency and work permits, and with all other legal issues relevant for relocation of businesses as well as individuals. For those looking to set up a business in Serbia (or relocate an existing one), we offer all necessary assistance and advice, such as formation of company, financing, M&A, banking issues, employment matters, as well as information on available subsidies and benefits. Via external consultants we provide advice on tax optimization and accounting matters.

Relocate: Where do you provide these services and who are your typical clients?

Damjan: We provide these services throughout Serbia, but our clients are international. We also represent a diverse range of clients, including multinational companies, tech companies, individuals, digital nomads, and start-ups.

👉 Learn more about DNVG Legal Services here.

Serbia.webp Belgrade is quickly emerging as one of the newest destinations to live and work remotely in Eastern Europe.

Relocate: What is one of the most important visa categories for living and working in Serbia?

Damjan: Temporary Residence based on the establishment of a company or agency. It is a subset of employment-based visa in Serbia

Relocate: Who is eligible for the employment-based visa?

Damjan: Temporary residence through this category of the employment based visa is suitable for individuals looking to relocate their business or start a new business in Serbia. No special conditions are required (apart from health insurance, minimum amount of money for living expenses and residence address), and incorporation of company/agency is straightforward. For extension of the visa, it is necessary to obtain a working permit, for which the applicant is required to provide information about its business activities, qualifications etc. Procedure typically takes 1-2 months and the visa is approved for up to 1 year.

Relocate: What are your top-three reasons to relocate to Serbia?

There are many reasons to move to Serbia, but here are my top-three practical reasons for entrepreneurs and business-oriented applicants:

(1) Easy to incorporate a company and flexible immigration procedures. (2) Subsidies and tax-breaks for newly founded tech companies and newly settled highly qualified individuals (both salary tax and income tax for employees can be reduced significantly). For larger investments which involve fixed assets and new jobs, non-refundable cash subsidies are provided. (3) Growing and developing tech community with a lot of start-ups and digital nomads. Improving start-up environment with mentorship and financing programs introduced by the state and the European Union.

Relocate: What inspires you about practicing immigration law?

Damjan: I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when we help people achieve their goals and realize their ideas.

💡 If you are not from the European Union and looking to establish a business presence for living and working throughout Serbia or other parts of Europe, the employment-based visa category for Serbia might provide you with a potential solution.

Get Support Relocating to Serbia

Overall, navigating through the Serbian immigration system requires considerable planning and guidance. As a non-native, you might find Eastern European culture to be hard-pressed and intimidating, including the obvious language barrier. Yet, don't let this discourage! Serbia, like many of its neighboring countries, provide a warm welcoming for those courageous enough to make the move and have a great deal of respect for foreigners.

Find support in your journey through Relocate. Dig-deeper into important topics for immigrating to Serbia, and connect with qualified Advisors who can confidently address your immigration needs. Connecting with a bi-lingual and qualified lawyer is generally a good idea to ease the transition into this emerging country.

Get started with a 30-minute consultation 👉 Connect with Damjan Today!

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