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November 17, 2022


02:43 PM

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The Golden Coast of Europe has a name that embodies it all. Infused by sea, Portugal’s majestic coastline is an honest reflection of her inner-beauty. From timeless cobblestoned villages nestled within rolling vineyards to snow-capped peaks and a world-class capital city, Lisboa, it is hard to imagine a more welcoming destination and place to live. Historically known for financing the most far-reaching, royal seafaring expeditions that have influenced our world, it’s no wonder why so many have returned home to their port.

Portugal's Immigration System

Portugal's immigration system is notoriously one of the most advanced in the European Union. As one of the first nation's to adopt the Golden Visa Program, Portugal continued to deploy and craft visa categories that would attract investment and foreign talent to its shores. The D7 visa for remote workers, company executives and other eligible candidates is one of the most popular visa categories in Portugal and throughout Europe!

And of course Portugal would not be left behind in the race to attract digital nomads, with the recent introduction of its own temporary stay visa, making it even easier for remote workers and freelancers to live and work from Portugal.

Interested in moving to Portugal? Learn more about your immigration options through our featured Relocate Ambassador, Carolina Sobrinho.

Relocate to Portugal

There are several ways that foreigners can immigrate to Portugal for work, employment, business or investment.

Learn more about what visa option is best for you from leading Portuguese immigration lawyer and Relocate Ambassador Carolina Sobrinho.

Meet Carolina

Carolina Sobrinho is an Immigration and Real Estate Lawyer with experience in Residency by Investment and Relocation Programs in Portugal.

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Practicing Immigration Law in Portugal

Relocate: What kind of services do you provide as a Portuguese lawyer?

Carolina: I currently run my own boutique law firm practice and focus specifically on Immigration and Relocation matters for Portugal.

Relocate: Where do you provide these services and who are your typical clients?

Carolina: My legal practice serves remote workers, digital nomads, retirees and entrepreneurs.

Porto.webp Portugal is a country rich with culture and picturesque destinations, including this port city, Porto.

Relocate: What is one of the most important visa categories for living and working in Portugal?

Carolina: The D7 Visa for Portugal was one of the most utilized visa categories for freelancers, managers of companies, entrepreneurs and many more. While the requirements are similar, the new Digital Nomad Visa for Portugal will likely shift applicants in a new direction.

Relocate: Who is eligible for the digital nomad visa in Portugal?

Carolina: Generally speaking, individuals must earn a minimum of $2850 USD / month to be eligible. The main applicant must also have a minimum balance of $8,500 in their bank account. This amount is different if you have dependents (i.e. spouse). You should also demonstrate that you have health care coverage.

Relocate: What are your top-three reasons to relocate to Portugal?

There are many reasons to move to Portugal, but my top-three reasons would include: Security, Cost of Living, Geo-location that is strategic for those who need to work remotely.

Overall, relocating to Portugal might be challenging, but by the end the applicants regret why they didn't move to Portugal before 😊

Relocate: What inspires you about practicing immigration law?

Carolina: I enjoy working with people to support them in making life changing decisions.

💡 If you are not from the European Union and looking to live, work or retire throughout Portugal or other parts of Europe, the D7 and new Temporary Residence Permit for Portugal might provide you with a potential solution.

Get Support Relocating to Portugal

Overall, navigating through the Portuguese immigration system requires considerable planning and guidance. As a foreigner, you might find there to be a variety of potential options to emigrate, so finding the right option will be your greatest challenge!

Find support in your journey through Relocate. Dig-deeper into important topics for immigrating to Portugal, and connect with qualified Advisors who can confidently address your immigration needs. Connecting with a bi-lingual and qualified lawyer is generally a good idea to ease the transition into this beautiful country.

Get started with a 30-minute consultation 👉 Connect with Carolina Today!

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