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Portugal Digital Nomad Visa



October 12, 2022


07:41 AM

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Portugal has always been ahead of the game when it comes to immigration.

The Golden Visa program, one of the oldest investment programs in Europe, stirs up significant debate (and jealousy) among Portugal’s neighboring EU countries and fellow immigration practitioners. Simply put, the Portuguese immigration system has the unique ability to adapt to immigration patterns, as well as implement immigration framework in an effective and efficient manner.

Portugal Digital Nomad and Remote Work Visa

It is no surprise that the recent announcement of Portugal’s Digital Nomad and Remote Work visa is already spinning the globe. As one of the most desirable destinations in Europe – Portugal has now just made it even easier to live and work full-time along the Golden Coast of Europe.

Traditionally, the D7 visa was the best option for this demographic of live and work from anywhere professionals. This ranges from short-term freelancers to managers of companies. With the introduction of the digital nomad and remote work visa for Portugal, it seems that this new visa category is much more tailored to fit this demographic even better.

Is there a digital nomad visa in Portugal?

In October 2022 the Portuguese government formally introduced the digital nomad visa for Portugal.

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Can I live and work remotely in Portugal?

Definitely. Even before the introduction of the digital nomad visa, it was possible to live and work remotely in Portugal. The introduction of the digital nomad visa now makes it much easier and provides additional incentives to live and work remotely within Portugal.

How do I apply for a Portuguese digital nomad visa?

You can submit an application directly with the Portuguese authorities. If you need support in filing this application you can schedule a consultation with a qualified migration practitioner who can support your visa application.

Do remote workers pay taxes in Portugal?

Portugal provides significant tax-incentives for digital nomads and remote workers. This includes 0% tax on worldwide income, including any capital gains tax made on cryptocurrencies.

Is Portugal a good place for digital nomads and remote workers?

Portugal has been welcoming foreign nationals for centuries. A warm and energetic Portuguese culture, combined with seemingly endless coastlines, rolling vineyards and cobblestone villages makes this one of the most desirable destinations in the world to live and work.

Portugal Coastline.webp Algarve Coastline in Portugal

How long does it take to get a visa for Portugal?

This depends on the visa category and where you are applying. The digital nomad and remote work visa for Portugal is untested, and recently there have been backlogs, due to a shortage of immigration authorities processing visa applications for Portugal. Like we said, Portugal is the #1 destination in Europe for immigration at the moment.

That said, you should anticipate your visa processing taking anywhere from 2-5 months, depending on the visa category.

Is it expensive to live in Portugal?

Compared to other European Union countries, Portugal is rapidly becoming one of the more expensive destinations to be situated…if you are in a city. This is reflected in real-estate and property prices that have been rising throughout the last decade, as a result of a successful immigration by investment scheme that has attracted significant foreign investment. In addition, Portugal’s connection to the European Union, as well as potential visa pathways to other destinations, such as the United States, puts Portugal at the #1 spot for immigration in Europe.

That said, if you dig-deeper you can still manage to find a suitable place to live and work in Portugal that meets your financial requirements. There are many secondary and tertiary cities, such as Sintra and Porto, that provide a cultural hub for foreign nationals and other global citizens. Not to mention, there is no shortage of picturesque countryside villages scattered throughout Portugal stuck in time and just waiting to be discovered. is the leading independent marketplace for global migration. Do you need more information about living and working in Portugal?

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