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How to Apply for a NZ Work Visa


Aaron Martin


November 24, 2021


07:14 PM

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Applying for a New Zealand work visa is a complicated and expensive process, especially post-COVID. We tell you the basics you need to qualify before you apply to ensure you avoid a duplicative process.


If you intend to apply for a work visa, you will need evidence of a current full-time job. If your profession requires it, you must also be registered. You can find out if you need registration for your occupation here.

Before you apply

  • Come June 2022, the New Zealand employer needs to be accredited to show it is a good employer with sound HR systems ensuring compliance with labour laws.
  • Make sure your job or job offer meets the necessary wage or salary threshold.
  • Gather employer documentation, including the fully signed contract. You may also need the employer to demonstrate that the job was advertised to the local market and could not be filled by a qualified candidate, depending on whether Skill Shortage List requirements are met.
  • It pays to check if the role is in an undersupply list for the region where you will be working
  • Have proof of your identity (a valid passport and a photo of yourself taken within the last 6 months) and good character (police certificates from countries you’ve lived in for more than 5 years since you turned 17 and country of citizenship).
  • Be in good health and have proof of medical clearance (certificates and chest X-ray performed by an INZ-approved doctor). Any documents in other languages must be translated into English by a professional translator.
  • Set up a New Zealand government RealMe account to upload your digital documents for the online application.

Once you have all of the above sorted, you’ll be well on your way to living and working as a skilled migrant in New Zealand. But be aware that the application process for a skilled migrant work visa is long, complex, and often expensive. You don’t want to be doing it twice!

Learn more about how to apply for a NZ Work Visa in 2022:

Aaron Martin is one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded practitioners in immigration law, with decades of experience in assisting private individuals, business, and corporate clients. Skilled in evaluating complex cases, ministerial intervention, appeals, and character or medical waivers.

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