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Ambassador Spotlight: Upasana Sharma



May 16, 2022


12:42 PM

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  • Ambassador: Upasana Sharma
  • Profession: Angel Investor and Entrepreneur
  • **Location: Canada

Relocate Community: How many years have you been working with "international clients"?

Upasana I've been serving international clients to make their journey to Canada for the last 5 years.

Relocate Community: Over those last five year, what has become your core area of expertise?

Upasana I specialize in business consulting for immigration to Canada.

Relocate Community: Where do you find your inspiration in your field?

Upasana As an immigration myself, I understand the needs of fellow immigrants.

Relocate Community: Who is your ideal client?

Upasana I best support investors and high net worth individuals, as well as those founding startups.

Relocate Community: Why is now an ideal time for people to immigrate to Canada?

Upasana Canada is a highly sought after destination. Canada boasts a stable government and financial system which supports new businesses and startups. Plus, Canada is open to migrants!

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Get in touch with Upasana to discuss your options for moving your business to Canada or founding your own Canadian start-up.

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