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Ambassador Spotlight: Tiffany McKenzie



April 29, 2022


06:47 AM

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This week the spotlight is on....

  • Ambassador: Tiffany McKenzie
  • Profession: Immigration Lawyer
  • Location(s): Canada

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Relocate Community: How long have you been working with international clients?

Tiffany Eight-years

Relocate Community: What is your area of speciality within immigration law?

Tiffany I specialize in criminal rehabilitation applications to come to Canada. My particular focus are on DUI and related drinking and driving offences.

Relocate Community: That's very unique. What drives your professional passion?

Tiffany I love where I live, and want other people to enjoy this area too! I went to school in the UK, and was struck by how many people would ask me for help to come to Canada. I also believe in second chances, and want to help people come here (and look past the inadmissibility)

Relocate Community: Who is your target client?

Tiffany I work with everyone!

Relocate Community: What would you say to those considering Canada as a relocation destination?

Tiffany Canada is very welcoming. That being said, people with past DUI offences are scared to come here and think it's a Herculean process. I want people to know it is tough, but not impossible.

Relocate Community: Is now an ideal time for people to begin the process of immigrating to Canada?

Tiffany Processing for this type of application are reasonable.

Have a question for Tiffany or want to consult her to help you in your immigration to Canada process?

Learn more about Tiffany and reach out to her!

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