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Ambassador Spotlight: Heather Segal



May 23, 2022


11:51 AM

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  • Ambassador: Heather Segal
  • Profession: Immigration Lawyer
  • **Location: Canada

Relocate Community How long have you been supporting International clients?

Heather I've been practicing immigration law between the US and Canada for over 25 years!

Relocate Community What are you areas of speciality in working with international clients?

Heather We are a boutique firm providing excellent service and process in corporate immigration law, family and indiviudal applications. We are experienced, capable and creative in strategizing and problem solving immigration issues.

Relocate Community How do you find your work?

Heather Facilitating opportunities is always gratifying. Enabling indiviudals and companies reach their goals by navigating bureacracy and successfully seeing them achieve their objective, makes my work worthwhile.

Relocate Community Tell us about the type of clients you typically serve.

Heather My clients are in human resources, corporate counsel, entrepreneurs and families. We also deal with indivual admissibility issues when there is criminality or otherwise. We are about making our clients lives easier by eliminating the burden of immigration processing and ensuring that they can use their time to focus on their expertise.

Relocate Community What does the current landscape for immigration into Canada look like?

Heather Excellent! Canada has 36 million people with a very small tax base in the future. Canada wants and needs people.

Relocate Community What would you say to people who are thinking to begin their immigration process to Canada now?

Heather Come! Canada has many opportunities for immigrants right now. We welcome immigrants to our country!

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