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Across the Pond - Say Hello to Malta


Dr Russell 罗素 Attard Baldacchino


July 21, 2022


05:24 AM

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Have you been dreaming of a big adventure across the Atlantic? If Europe has been calling, a sunny southern European state by the name of Malta may be the perfect base.

Read on, to see all the ways in which your stay across the pond could become a reality.

Malta in a Nutshell

With a population of circa 500,000 and just 121 square miles; you'd be forgiven for thinking that Malta is easily deciphered. However, the island's tiny size belies its multifaceted personality.

Centuries of historical layers permeate every corner, sun-soaked days abound, and there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. So, whether you love immersing yourself in nature, enjoying vibrant nightlife, or anything in between; Malta offers it all. This is coupled with the fact that the island is very well connected to all the major European destinations through numerous flights.

The island's warm temperament and joie de vivre provide the perfect backdrop for an industry-leading iGaming sector, a dynamic nascent start-up scene, and a vibrant expat community. Suffice to say that roughly 20% of residents in Malta are non-Maltese.

Living in Malta

If Malta ticks many boxes, then you're probably wondering about the residency options that are available for US citizens.

The best part is that US citizens are already entitled to stay in Malta for 90 days, which is more than enough time to get a feel for the island and determine which of the longer-term options is most suitable.

For those who want to remain on the island for longer, there are a number of options:

Are you a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker?

Malta’s version of a Digital Nomad Visa, the Malta Nomad Residence Permit (MNRP), is perfect for third country individuals whose current employment or work enables them to work remotely. Through this permit, non-EU citizens are able to reside in Malta for up to 3 years. Whilst minimum income thresholds apply, family members may be included!

Learn more about obtaining the digital nomad/remote worker visa for Malta today. This visa category is new and provides a range of benefits for qualifying applicants.

Does Malta Permanent Residence sound more appealing?

As the name implies, the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP), enables third country nationals to acquire the right to reside permanently in Malta. In return, individuals are required to make a real estate investment and affect the necessary government contributions. Apart from the possibility to purchase property in Malta, beneficiaries are also entitled to travel visa-free for up to 90 days within the Schengen area.

Are you seeking a simple real estate investment in Malta?

If you are a US citizen and already benefit from being able to stay in Malta for up to 90 days at a stretch, then simply investing in real estate in Malta may be the straightforward solution to enjoy the island at your leisure, whilst generating rental income for the rest of the time you are away.

Malta offers a vast variety of property options and high-end developments, most of which do not even require a permit, residency, or citizenship status to acquire. There is no annual property tax in Malta and the short-let market is on the rise again!

How about becoming a citizen of Malta?

Through Malta’s Citizenship for Exceptional Services (CES) Regulations, this Citizenship by Investment route is suited for high net worth individuals who are seeking an unparalleled investment and relocation option for them and their families. Indeed, individuals are required to conduct a non-refundable financial investment of an exceptional nature in Malta, purchase or rent a high value immovable property, and make a donation to a charitable cause. In return, beneficiaries and their families are naturalised as citizens of Malta after a period of residence of either 12 or 36 months.

Are you interested in making Malta your European home away from home?

Dr Russell Attard Baldacchino is an experienced and warranted investment migration attorney in Malta. Available to help you identify the optimal relocation solution, whilst assisting and representing you throughout the process.

Ready to move across the Pond? 👉 Connect with Dr. Russel today!

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