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Ukrainians are welcome in Portugal


Sara Sousa Rebolo


March 09, 2022


08:48 PM

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The Portuguese Government approved a simplified procedure to support and speed up the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Portugal, with a fundamental bet on the employment dimension on March 1, 2022.

How To Apply

The special regime grants temporary protection, with the automatic attribution of a residence permit, for a period of one year, with the possibility of extension.

It is destined to nationals of Ukraine and their relatives (regardless the nationality), coming from their country of origin, and unable to return there, as a result of the war situation.

Any evidence is permitted, and criminal record certificate is not required for the procedure, which can be requested in person or by digital means, inside or outside the Portuguese territory.

The declaration proving the request for temporary protection will then be communicated by the Immigration Services to the Social Security, the Tax and the Health Department for the purposes of automatic allocation of a social security identification number, the tax identification number and a national health user number. The services will also communicate with the Employment and Training Institute for purposes of registration. There are already 2000 available job positions allocated for this purpose.

When the applicants have no sufficient resources, they will be provided with accommodation and support in terms of social benefits and means of subsistence and access to social benefits under the non-contributory regime.

Understand More About Immigration to Portugal

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Contact Sara to further discuss immigration pathways to Portugal.


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